afnan13122010 17 timer siden
Pep Guardiola = World Class Football Manager
YeBoi 17 timer siden
A shame be manages such a soulless club
Leroy Banging
Leroy Banging 17 timer siden
Imagine that there are people out there that believe klopp is better than pep 🤣🤣🤣
Eron 17 timer siden
watching Haaland play is like seeing a year 11 on the year 7 playground pitch
Redz Hi
Redz Hi 17 timer siden
His left hand is good
Mikethamanc 17 timer siden
Rio trying to get tactics from Pep for the derby if I was Pep I wouldn’t tell him fook all red git. 😂
JP WILLIAMS 17 timer siden
Looks like Iron-Man on the thumbnail photo. Or maybe I just need my glasses.
karl wilkinson
karl wilkinson 17 timer siden
Hes a manger when hes at home a sleep and he gets a idear he wil get up and got yo yraining
Ronado Bribantes
Ronado Bribantes 17 timer siden
As a city fan I call him bald fraud out of love. I actually love this man.😁
MaisieLeigh 18 timer siden
“I dont like my team” Jesus 😂
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 18 timer siden
Pep the 🐐.
Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple 18 timer siden
Insightful as always from Pep and a great interview by Rio
Cronus 5'9
Cronus 5'9 18 timer siden
Loool the bowlers traumatised, might retire
Leonardo Prince
Leonardo Prince 18 timer siden
India All out 36 Pollard 36 in an over 👀
Grey Alien 2
Grey Alien 2 18 timer siden
Pure quality
Tom Carroll
Tom Carroll 18 timer siden
Disgrace how they treated pochettino after seeing him cry in this.
Nish Youtube
Nish Youtube 18 timer siden
Clickbaited me to believe he wants to manage England.
AsYouKnow 18 timer siden
Great interview!
Martha Solomon
Martha Solomon 18 timer siden
I love this man with all my heart and soul... Stay with us forever pep 💙💙💙💙
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola 18 timer siden
It was a good interview. I enjoyed thoroughly! Now I'm thinking about United.
Captain Failure
Captain Failure 18 timer siden
the goosebumps
Sayan Manna
Sayan Manna 18 timer siden
Don't disrespect crystal palace pep
Jamie Reynolds
Jamie Reynolds 18 timer siden
I like how he gets finishes with the technique he got knocked out with in boxing in MMA.
rico santoso
rico santoso 18 timer siden
CheekySport 18 timer siden
Rio meets...best strand on this channel!!!
Djent Leman
Djent Leman 18 timer siden
FC Glasgow Divers
Sancho Gwapy
Sancho Gwapy 18 timer siden
Fight of the year for the next 5 years
Ugo Boss
Ugo Boss 18 timer siden
Moise kean to Manchester city would be sick! Pep sign this boy!
Kiddoo 112
Kiddoo 112 18 timer siden
Sterling still has blood on his hands hopefully he will score in the last minute to win us champs league
H Gujjar
H Gujjar 18 timer siden
3:41 kind of the umpires to bring tissues for the bowler
Afroquest 18 timer siden
Kelly is WICKED.
Shaylen Kirk
Shaylen Kirk 18 timer siden
Mbappe is just a different breed 😍🤩
Sid Rahman
Sid Rahman 18 timer siden
Would be great to see Pep take over Motherwell and get them to Europe
Vivek Dhital
Vivek Dhital 18 timer siden
Guardiola We've Got!!! Guardiola We've Got!!!💙💙
Sid Rahman
Sid Rahman 18 timer siden
Would be great to see Rio manage our Millwall one day. :-)
sayan deb
sayan deb 18 timer siden
he may be a money manager , but his football philosophy is damn intriguing . love his style
Wnaish 18 timer siden
The depth city have on the wing is a joke. Like it or not sterling is world class, mahrez is brilliant, Bernardo silva can play on the wing, ferran Torres, foden one of the best youngsters in the world, cancelo can even play there.
Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ
Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ 18 timer siden
⬆️Cityzens💙Brilliant Pep💙Brilliant Football💙🙏🏽
Ikram Hussien
Ikram Hussien 18 timer siden
Pep interviewers are so good 😍
Ikram Hussien
Ikram Hussien 18 timer siden
Ps BT need to have rio Ferdinand interview Mourinho
Bossa Baroque
Bossa Baroque 18 timer siden
Joel Chadambuka
Joel Chadambuka 18 timer siden
We've got Guardiola.. We've got..
Riley Woodhams
Riley Woodhams 18 timer siden
Why is Rio doing this interview. He is Manchester United right ? 🤣🤣🤣
philyburkhill1 18 timer siden
Any thoughts on the human rights abuses in UAE and the war in Yemen pep
Jasper Warwick
Jasper Warwick 18 timer siden
legend says the padawan always defeats the master
Jasper Warwick
Jasper Warwick 18 timer siden
arteta was taught well
rick ross
rick ross 18 timer siden
HAHAHAHAHAHA imagine getting punched up by a someone that weighs a bag and half of sugar 😂😂😂is the real lasagne
Mahdie Haque
Mahdie Haque 18 timer siden
Every single ball left the the country
S V M 18 timer siden
if he didn't knock him out he wouldve snapped his leg off
Jayde 18 timer siden
Cymru am byth
GuruParen Murugavel
GuruParen Murugavel 18 timer siden
Best manager 💙
Alun 18 timer siden
Rio just had to bring up the CL finals. Gives me PTSD to 2011 watching prime Lionel Messi gliding past United’s defence like it was nothing 😭
Jayde 18 timer siden
“We just don’t shout about it as much” why? Lol
MEME HUB 18 timer siden
Who thought bt would stream cricket nice to see
baker. 18 timer siden
Great interview. Well done both
Clive Ellis
Clive Ellis 18 timer siden
Can he shine with Norway, though?
imli aier
imli aier 18 timer siden
Joe: did u expect............ Yoel:whoaa whoa dua people pay pe pew he ran ran I win dhdjeidhfnfisnaak
Davy Ro
Davy Ro 18 timer siden
How lucky are we to have such greatness in our country. What a coach a person & all round humble man. We've got the best managers in the world in our premier league. God its great to be English. I'm no way a man c fan by the way.
Lucca wq
Lucca wq 18 timer siden
Like the comment if bt should make this a series with Rio and all prem managers
Callum McGregor Enthusiast
Callum McGregor Enthusiast 18 timer siden
This man is a genius.
ccNinjaMeloN 18 timer siden
49:53 RIP alisson talking to his dad and family 😭 😭 😭 😭
Luke Brophy
Luke Brophy 18 timer siden
I love the way Man City always raise for the offside flag and the way they always moan at the ref! Guardiola has taught them to be respectful like himself 😁
Shane Mcgivern
Shane Mcgivern 18 timer siden
Who says lighting won’t strike twice😉🤞🏼🤞🏼
Curtis Shaw TV
Curtis Shaw TV 18 timer siden
Best manager in the world. 💯
md rahman
md rahman 18 timer siden
Indian couldn't take it, now I realise why west indies didn't send the same squad in Bangladesh. Just warm up before t20 world Cup, they are coming again careful Host......
AJ 18 timer siden
Looks like the bowler was about to cry at the end 😂
Charlie Spaulding
Charlie Spaulding 18 timer siden
Great show! Nick sounds echoey though.
lennon brown
lennon brown 18 timer siden
Why is Paul Scholes in a Barca shirt? 15:59
Sim Simvuyele
Sim Simvuyele 18 timer siden
After match t-shirt exchange
Preo rappers
Preo rappers 18 timer siden
Who’s here on the same day a year later
DIKUR DAY 18 timer siden
Di luar negeri ada Adesanya, di Indonesia ada Ade Londok.. seperti ironman.
Making tactics simple
Making tactics simple 18 timer siden
When he says the country is special, it makes me proud to live here.
Daily Offender Crazy Eastender
Daily Offender Crazy Eastender 18 timer siden
Best manager in the world by far and thats coming from a utd fan.
亗R O C K Y亗
亗R O C K Y亗 18 timer siden
Man if Izzy will really smoke out Jan,Jon will be mad af😂
The Cityzen
The Cityzen 18 timer siden
Ole Gunnar solskjaer is also a great manager, hope Micah Richards interviews him