Money# definesMAN
Money# definesMAN Time siden
"They look nearly same when they are successful, but the Road they have walked to reach success was never the same" So comparing two greatest Talents is like insulting their individual hard work and struggles.
Sanjib Kalita
Sanjib Kalita Time siden
Press F
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan Time siden
Mcgregor used to kick so much more. Would do well to go to what served him well.
Human At Large on Earth
Human At Large on Earth Time siden
I think we all knew this was true didn’t we.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Time siden
There is a few woman pundits, who have no right to be there, they are drab
Insomniac 244
Insomniac 244 Time siden
Couple of billons sitting right there.
Luis Enrique Amaro Ramírez
Luis Enrique Amaro Ramírez Time siden
Me hizo llorar ❤️🇲🇽🇲🇽
vipin eliyan koroth
vipin eliyan koroth Time siden
Luckily / iff both from same country ! Oops - Goalies Nd backs 😬
Наиля Малеваная
Наиля Малеваная Time siden
Rock girl
Rock girl Time siden
Amazing video man
JAYZUI_ Time siden
Love how this started calmly with mutual respect and no animosity slowly warming its way up into the heated debate it was. This is why we love boxing.
JAYZUI_ Time siden
Always got to clear my throat when listening to Fury.
D Don
D Don Time siden
Never seen a worse fighter in mma history
Hmmm Vibe
Hmmm Vibe Time siden
What was understood in the first does not need to be repeated in the second.
Ben Okiyama
Ben Okiyama Time siden
Great sportsmanship by the Fig….
Chris Lindgren
Chris Lindgren Time siden
Mike Perry honestly my favorite fighter. Dude never fails to put on a show, win or lose
ブランドーディオ Time siden
*this rule should be change: if the champion was dsq he/she should be stripped of the title and declare it vacant not giving it to the opponent who will act like it was hit by an icbm*
Looter Time siden
I like how he’s almost disappointed with himself for not scoring a girl
TOOCHUKWU OWOH 2 timer siden
God is real, dare his sovereignty and get his wrath..
Kurt Kaster
Kurt Kaster 2 timer siden
This video reminds me of a painting that art critics think is the most amazing work of art ever, when it's a red blotch of paint on a white canvas. I just don't get it. No idea.
Tomas Infante
Tomas Infante 2 timer siden
D' sories
D' sories 2 timer siden
With old and bald poirier he's look just average figher but with this salon hair and lightweight he's one of the best lol.
Mustang#9052 2 timer siden
Who came back to watch this master-piece? 😂💀
Gary Tan Kok Hon
Gary Tan Kok Hon 2 timer siden
This is what the Malaysian parliament is like. Several politicians argue disregarding the parliament speaker
Agus Darmawan Sidiq
Agus Darmawan Sidiq 2 timer siden
I Like this guy
Dope Lyrics
Dope Lyrics 2 timer siden
Is he still peddling this hilarious yarn round the Sportman’s After Dinner Speaker’s circuit? Absolute weapon 🤣🤣
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 2 timer siden
Girl: “Im so wet right now” Haland: “I have a towel take it”
Dark Glass
Dark Glass 2 timer siden
Everyone assumed Izzy had no ground game after the fight with Jan, despite Izzy going up a weight class, but not really going up in weight lol
ANYTNSharp 2 timer siden
Leon is very hard to understand, his accent and voice are thin. I think for the Americans he should have bought a dialect tape and widened his speech a bit.
H 1
H 1 2 timer siden
Diaz was robbed
Pete Hefferon
Pete Hefferon 2 timer siden
Trust me this video isn't worth watching
Graham W
Graham W 2 timer siden
Footballers, thick as mince
angrynorway 2 timer siden
SoccerBot 4000™️
CheeseOnion Kaas met Ui
CheeseOnion Kaas met Ui 2 timer siden
Football is so overrated..
Kong Yasuke
Kong Yasuke 3 timer siden
Nice and short.... Power
Paulo Alexandre Neto
Paulo Alexandre Neto 3 timer siden
Classy guy man , even though all of those retards booing him he kept it cool
Эстет. История Одного Девственника_VIRGIN STORY
Эстет. История Одного Девственника_VIRGIN STORY 3 timer siden
but 0-0? Why are they so happy?
Raihan MDS Iqbal
Raihan MDS Iqbal 3 timer siden
Please continue this series. It's awesome
Wakky 3 timer siden
And tony wanted to fight khabib
Noah Schmidt
Noah Schmidt 3 timer siden
Well.... This didn’t age well for wilder🤣🤣🤣
신동 3 timer siden
1:33 what we want part
Carl Fisher
Carl Fisher 3 timer siden
Suarez where’s your respect mate ur a former liverpool player
ryiscept 3 timer siden
I like Ronda’s strategy of trying to hurt Holly’s fists with her face
Miguel Mota
Miguel Mota 3 timer siden
Wow... worst referee ever. That one has got to take the cake.
Alket Hasanbelliu
Alket Hasanbelliu 3 timer siden
till is a punchbag for the middleweights
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu 3 timer siden
Barcelona Dead
Baz Official
Baz Official 3 timer siden
Nate 100% won that fight
Ru un A
Ru un A 4 timer siden
TTL Busa
TTL Busa 4 timer siden
Liverpool 💘
Tahir Sajid
Tahir Sajid 4 timer siden
Shaznizam qasim
Shaznizam qasim 4 timer siden
Mampuih habaq hang...dalam hati...
Npresents Presents
Npresents Presents 4 timer siden
Just Facts
Just Facts 4 timer siden
"nothing like me" fake news
Mari JG
Mari JG 4 timer siden
Figueiro, was humble enough to admire the new Champion and that my friend is also something to admire. 🇲🇽💙🇧🇷 both are Champions in my heart ❤️
Ballu Bodalawala
Ballu Bodalawala 4 timer siden
Does messi understand English ?
Maulana 4 timer siden
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ 4 timer siden
6:20 Haaland??
Darius Grant
Darius Grant 4 timer siden
I thought it was all Baeza! wtf?
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ 4 timer siden
3:34 Bale clapping ready to do what
Alistair Morrison
Alistair Morrison 4 timer siden
that rangers goal was onside that red was not a foul
Mariel Ang
Mariel Ang 4 timer siden
Bruh he only said good things about Salah. SMH fishing for drama