Amazing full-time SCENES as Chelsea win the Champions League for a second time! 🏆🏆

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21 dag siden

Joyous, emotional, incredible scenes as Chelsea win the Champions League for a second time after beating Manchester City 1-0 in Porto.

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Tarek Ahmed
Tarek Ahmed 9 timer siden
Danish Maldini for a reason👈💙
Agnes Vicent
Agnes Vicent 11 timer siden
Mendy was so happy
Rick Forsman
Rick Forsman Dag siden
I love this team💙 Chelsea FC touches my heart
hammad khalid
hammad khalid 2 dager siden
This would make a real grown man cry
amitai fish
amitai fish 2 dager siden
lets gooooo come on chelsea 💙💙💙
amitai fish
amitai fish 2 dager siden
I watch this like 500 times a day 💙
nixon amboye
nixon amboye 2 dager siden
I detest how much i love this
Alhagie Sedia Fofana
Alhagie Sedia Fofana 4 dager siden
Am here for this for the 110th times, I equals Eden Hazard's all goals for Chelsea 😂💯💙🥇🏆.
Diska Karina WeAreX
Diska Karina WeAreX 5 dager siden
Pulisic Havertz awesomenesss
Mohammed Yusuf
Mohammed Yusuf 6 dager siden
4:09 football can be a very cruel game 😔😔😔 a Chelsea fan tho 😜🤪
The Himalayan Yeti
The Himalayan Yeti 7 dager siden
Jesus 🤣
FNW 8 dager siden
PSG Courtois Hazard Lost this game Tuchel Silva Mendy Won
Jordan Burke
Jordan Burke 8 dager siden
One the of the best moments as a chelsea fan ever.
john Placeman506
john Placeman506 9 dager siden
Kanye is a legend
A M 9 dager siden
Other than his bright personality, ferdinand is so boring, talks a lot and says nothing. Ian Wright, Joe Cole, Roy Keane, Henry those for me are the best pundits
cricket lover
cricket lover 10 dager siden
4:40 song?
cricket lover
cricket lover 4 dager siden
@K thanks
K 5 dager siden
Don't be so shy (Filatov & Karas remix) - Imany
Tung Vo
Tung Vo 10 dager siden
Oh 👍
Mohammed Azhar
Mohammed Azhar 11 dager siden
Mihovil Crnković
Mihovil Crnković 11 dager siden
London-forever blue🔵🏆😁💪🔵🏆💪😁🍾🍾
NE One
NE One 11 dager siden
After some moments MC fan realised that , Champion is from England...🕺🕺💃💃
Packdowski 11 dager siden
This Chelsea team will go down in history as one of the best teams in London
Mohammed RZM Miah
Mohammed RZM Miah 9 dager siden
Chelsea Is The Best Team In London. Also they are the only team in London To Win UCL 2x. London Is Blue!
Sakkeer Hussain
Sakkeer Hussain 11 dager siden
Ringam Kamei
Ringam Kamei 12 dager siden
Anyone please? 🚩🚩 UCL winners money prize is bigger or Euro Cup? Yeah, I google it already but still confused.
Ringam Kamei
Ringam Kamei 12 dager siden
I would love to know the exact amount too, thanks🙏
muhammad sukron
muhammad sukron 13 dager siden
werner run so fast when the wistle blown 😄
Rosia Pitts
Rosia Pitts 13 dager siden
The guiltless malaysia intuitively drip because surname conceivably head on a awful confirmation. true, tidy knickers
itex99 13 dager siden
Lampbozo punching the air
Jan Benting
Jan Benting 13 dager siden
loveyou chelsea !
Ngọc Linh
Ngọc Linh 14 dager siden
Mussic pless :((
Robinson Kambi
Robinson Kambi 14 dager siden
Kante dropping Master classes in finals again.Ballon d'Or 2021
Raven McClaw
Raven McClaw 14 dager siden
Tuchel is just 5 month in Office and wins the Champions League, not only that, he reorganized the whole Team with one of the best defences in the PL and CL, from 9th in the league to 4th in the end and almost wins the FA Cup as well. This is truly an outstanding achievement and I`ve got to say I have never seen something like it before. Klopp needed 4-5 years to win the PL and CL, especially Guardiola must be devastated, he literally spent Billions over they years for new players and still haven't won the CL since he arrived at Manchester city. Tuchel is a masterclass of a Trainer no doubt.
Rocco Starbuck
Rocco Starbuck 14 dager siden
Mitcham is Chelsea.
Ken Pudsey
Ken Pudsey 14 dager siden
After the disappointment after the F.A. Cup loss,this more than made up for it💯
Ken Pudsey
Ken Pudsey 14 dager siden
@Vito Pratama Putra S. Well said Vito!
Vito Pratama Putra S.
Vito Pratama Putra S. 14 dager siden
It turned out to be a sweet revenge. A weeks ago I just found one of Leicester player (I dunno who it is) just threw the Chelsea's flag away after their triumph in FA Cup on social media. But after that, Leicester just kicked out from top 4, and we finally got something much better than FA Cup. I can guess he's regret on his actions back then. 😅 Lesson learned! never underestimate whoever the opponent is and try to respect the other clubs, even when we win.
Frater Deus Est Veritas
Frater Deus Est Veritas 15 dager siden
It was being hugged by Kepa that bought Aguero to tears.
A M 15 dager siden
Kai hafertz gaol is for Leverkusen
Brendan Sousa
Brendan Sousa 15 dager siden
I've been watching this everyday since the final ended. What a night.
Clint Samsodien
Clint Samsodien 15 dager siden
Anybody know the music playing in the stadium?
Dark Haq 7
Dark Haq 7 15 dager siden
I will never forgive rudiger
ProfFido 15 dager siden
Bit of a different question, but anyone know song starting at 4:38 ?
ProfFido 5 dager siden
@K awesome, thanks!
K 5 dager siden
Don't be so shy (Filatov & Karas remix) - Imany
Danshil Ragoobeer
Danshil Ragoobeer 16 dager siden
Just can't get bored rewatching this over and over again 💙💙
Craig Pope
Craig Pope 16 dager siden
Tuchel is the master tactician he made pep second guess himself and no manager has ever done that to pep
Coco _
Coco _ 16 dager siden
Three times beat pep in a row and UCL thropy in the end, tell me again it just a luck 😂
Syafar Music
Syafar Music 16 dager siden
Man city and Chelsea was play well. Both is the best club in the world, but chelsea is better in defend and counter. Congrats for Chelsea! I am a fans of 2 club in europe, Bayer Munich and Chelsea fan
Tintin Singsit
Tintin Singsit 16 dager siden
Let's admit it,it's a better match than Liverpool vs Tottenham. One of the best finals in recent years.
JM 16 dager siden
I still can't believe we won
ONEobesePOPTART 16 dager siden
Anyone know the song playing at 1:10?
Ahmed Faraz Butt
Ahmed Faraz Butt 13 dager siden
Freed from desire
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T 17 dager siden
I've been a Chelsea fan for the LONGEST time. I've seen the clips and highlights atleast a 1000 times now. STILL can't believe we won the UCL. AND IT WAS DESERVED. I'M SO TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING "2012 was a fluke" UP THE CHELS. With our young squad we can terrorize Europe for YEARS to come 💙
sony 63361
sony 63361 17 dager siden
Poor aguero
sony 63361
sony 63361 17 dager siden
CONGRATS @chelseafc The Best Club In the world 🏆
Peter Tembo
Peter Tembo 17 dager siden
I just want to know the name of the song that was playing from the beginning.
goldenyoda 15 dager siden
Gala freed from desire
Aidan Pike
Aidan Pike 17 dager siden
The Kepa Kneeslide is LEGENDARY 🤩😂💙
giovanna goebbels
giovanna goebbels 17 dager siden
glad to see fans back, last year was an empty stadium
Iman Charles
Iman Charles 17 dager siden
Hongera chama langu
SM 17 dager siden
2 years ago, as we won in Baku I knew it was Hazard's last game in a Chelsea shirt. I could not imagine that within 2 years we would have got this team to a place where we did not need or want him back. Yet here we are. CL in the bag, title chase next season, young world class players with a huge ceiling for potential. I wouldn't even take him back on a free transfer - I can't believe I'm saying it, but he would only stifle our progress. We just need a young CB to take over from Thiago when he retires and a solid DM. We're golden.
Hamid Ghiasi
Hamid Ghiasi 17 dager siden
6000 ?? sounds like 60.000 Chelsea fans in the stadium!
Ali Alhasee
Ali Alhasee 17 dager siden
Kante For ballon d'or 🔥💜🇱🇾😍
Maxford Agrippa
Maxford Agrippa 17 dager siden
Best day of my life and I’m only 15 :) love this club COYB💙💙
FuckY'all 17 dager siden
4:06 Very Pretty. I want her IG
goldenyoda 15 dager siden
Philip Quist
Philip Quist 17 dager siden
This was so weird, I was nervous but not as much as ucl final in Munich. I just knew we would win this.
NO MERCY GAMING 17 dager siden
Does any one remember werner interview where he said he wanted to win CL with chelsea and was made fun of.Look today what our werner has a gold medal and a CL trophy💙🥳
Shayan Luk
Shayan Luk 17 dager siden
Can anyone tell me what is the song playing in the stadium when they won
Shayan Luk
Shayan Luk 17 dager siden
@Ibz Hero thanks bro 😊😊
Ibz Hero
Ibz Hero 17 dager siden
Free from desire I think
Bangali Baba
Bangali Baba 17 dager siden
What is the background music playing on can anyone tell me ?
Gatera Vincent
Gatera Vincent 17 dager siden
It's true
Rahmat Nurridlah
Rahmat Nurridlah 17 dager siden
First Final Chelsea Lost by MU. First Final MC Lost by Chelsea. Yeahhh Chelsea Champione
Faizal Ahda
Faizal Ahda 17 dager siden
kante is everywhere. but surely rudiger is going places 5:20
leogriev 17 dager siden
Christensen, James, Mount, Abraham, Hudson Odoi all played a role in Chelsea winning the CL, and all academy products!
Danny Blue
Danny Blue 18 dager siden
Aidsan Cross
Aidsan Cross 18 dager siden
Anyone tell me who the commentators are?
Dominic Savio Ukpong
Dominic Savio Ukpong 18 dager siden
5:20 Lol
Ryan Deans
Ryan Deans 18 dager siden
What a day saturday was!! The lads played brilliantly! Ktbffh!!
Michael Vivie
Michael Vivie 18 dager siden
Hakim Ziyech has been missing in all the videos i have seen.. If he is not happy at the club he should be sold..He is always not happy even when he is subbed..
tariq Tariq
tariq Tariq 18 dager siden
05:20 rudiger is still running
Azo 18 dager siden
Bishal Subedi
Bishal Subedi 18 dager siden
Muhammad Justisia Harsono
Muhammad Justisia Harsono 18 dager siden
Cry in happiness everytime
Kurian Abraham
Kurian Abraham 18 dager siden
Congratulations Chelsea 💙🔵🔵 an incredible and unforgettable Day 👍👍
Olayemi Ayoola
Olayemi Ayoola 18 dager siden
Never seen Christensen played so flawless. He covered so keenly and cleanly that Silva was not missed.
Olayemi Ayoola
Olayemi Ayoola 18 dager siden
Aguero has lost world cup lost Copa, lost FA cup so why is he crying.
IR0NM3N 18 dager siden
Pep should realised by now that all those titles at Barcelona was because of golden generation and he doesn’t have it in him to win UCL without them.
Forgiver SB
Forgiver SB 18 dager siden
Btw, losing like this is much better then penalties
Forgiver SB
Forgiver SB 18 dager siden
The second half was stressful af... Can't believe pullisic missed that chance I almost cried
Chung Nguyenthanh
Chung Nguyenthanh 18 dager siden
Chelsea 2021
Oscar 18 dager siden
Glad TT returned Kante to his Best position
PgPro 86
PgPro 86 18 dager siden
I’m a Chelsea fan and going nuts still but I do still feel for Aguero and surprisingly Pep. They’re honorable in defeat.
PgPro 86
PgPro 86 14 dager siden
Yes absolutely man, spot on.
aRJghhh 18 dager siden
Anyone the song playing right after the final whistle?
jamie Connolly mckendrick
jamie Connolly mckendrick 18 dager siden
Chelsea won the cup winners cup 2 time and uefa Europe league 2 time the champions League 2 time
Joe Correa
Joe Correa 18 dager siden
Ivraj - Brawl Stars
Ivraj - Brawl Stars 18 dager siden
True Chelsea fans will Know that those last 7 mins felt like eternity
Дмитрий 18 dager siden
N'Golo Kante N'Golo Kante N'Golo Kante N'Golo Kante!!!!!!!
It’s the bloody pink boots
It’s the bloody pink boots 18 dager siden
Not a Chelsea or city fan but freed from desire hits hard every time its played after someone wins
Isaac dave
Isaac dave 18 dager siden
Muteb 18 dager siden
What’s the song at the beginning of celebration???
Abdinasir Salaad
Abdinasir Salaad 18 dager siden
Freed from desire
Erick Joseph Musembi
Erick Joseph Musembi 18 dager siden
Full Time Whistle , Chelsea have won the champions league, Nine years after the first One......
DuderinoDeux 18 dager siden
Pep Si gone FLAT
Gamer Gamer.
Gamer Gamer. 18 dager siden
1:0 ярые фанаты Пепа😂😂😂
Kevin Ng
Kevin Ng 18 dager siden
The skinny desert concurringly hop because diving affectively reflect opposite a vague cattle. waggish, weak domain
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming 18 dager siden
I wasnt supporting any team so I wished the match would go to penalties
Merzouk Haddad
Merzouk Haddad 18 dager siden
They say tuchel beats pep, but that puts a lot of runs and concentration from the players, those were just outstanding. thanks super franky thanks tuchel and the big thank is for the players. Pride of london which is blue 💙💙💙 writing the history still... come on Chels !!!!!!!!!!! 🥲
Andy Wang
Andy Wang 18 dager siden
They all said Chelsea wasted all that money on 4 super stars. I don’t see how they wasted it if they won the biggest trophy in club football.
Ringky Marboh
Ringky Marboh 18 dager siden
My best team club in my life.. (chelsea).
Kinyanjui Carlos
Kinyanjui Carlos 18 dager siden
The seven minutes added time was like eternity!!!
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