Chelsea lift the 2020/21 Champions League trophy! Winners for a second time!

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21 dag siden

Cesar Azpilicueta lifts the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League trophy after Chelsea became winners of Europe's greatest club honour for a second time in nine years.

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dude 15 timer siden
St Farm
St Farm Dag siden
*Semua Sayang Kente*
Denis Gonzalez-andin
Denis Gonzalez-andin Dag siden
Chelsea Wins again just winning in 2012
Allos 4 dager siden
I could watch this all day I swear.
gary wong
gary wong 4 dager siden
Lampard built it
D-VARD Cage 5 dager siden
The only thing that would have made that trophy lift better would have been Bosingwa
kkc Maurya
kkc Maurya 6 dager siden
I really want this winning 🎶
Jonathan Brlliant
Jonathan Brlliant 7 dager siden
I think i've repeated this video for 1000 times
Williams joe
Williams joe 8 dager siden
Buy your online ticket hear at a affordable price
Abdurrahman Hanif
Abdurrahman Hanif 9 dager siden
Anyone knows what's the song or instrument?
Sam Horton
Sam Horton 9 dager siden
Chelsea To win Prem And Ucl Next Season With Haaland🔵🔵
Brian Moturi
Brian Moturi 10 dager siden
Emile Fabre
Emile Fabre 10 dager siden
Des champions Chelsea au monde
GD Breado
GD Breado 11 dager siden
Hazard is really regretting it now
Arhon Jay Zaragoza
Arhon Jay Zaragoza 13 dager siden
Footy Fan
Footy Fan 13 dager siden
🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙 congratulations tuchel and chelsea players from a liverpool supporter
Teenyy Toon
Teenyy Toon 14 dager siden
Congrats chelsea FC
Ollycfc 14 dager siden
Kurt zouma and ziyech 😂😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dager siden
I love this club🔵 we absolutely deserved to be champions of Europe
Robinson Kambi
Robinson Kambi 14 dager siden
Never been happier that that day seeing Chelsea lift the UCL again, let's run it back..
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 14 dager siden
Does anyone know the music played when the players walk up and receive their medals? Thanks
Mirsad Saliu
Mirsad Saliu 15 dager siden
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dager siden
Kante fan from Nepal 🇳🇵
Humberto Barros
Humberto Barros 15 dager siden
Chelsea champion of champions league congratulations
Humberto Barros
Humberto Barros 15 dager siden
Chelsea champion of champions league congratulations
akhmad rasyid
akhmad rasyid 15 dager siden
Rock girl
Rock girl 15 dager siden
Although I's an Arsenal fan, Chelsea deserved this win 100%
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 15 dager siden
The last 3 Champions League was won by a German Manager Klopp -> 2019 Flick -> 2020 Tuchel -> 2021
Abdullah 16 dager siden
chelseas owner is isreali i dont like chelsea
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang 5 dager siden
Abramovich is Russian
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 16 dager siden
Watching Tuchel, Giroud and Thiago Silva winning this trophy made me cry.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 15 dager siden
Cup Winners Cup 🏆🏆 THAT'S WHAT WE CALL HISTORY. 🦁🔵⚽
Doja 20
Doja 20 16 dager siden
What a great feeling for TT and Silva , got sack by PSG and both join Chelsea , also both lift the UCL Cup . Thanks God , for many years I just really want Silva join Chelsea and with unexpected , Silva lift UCL trophy with my favourite club. Thanks God , for answering my prayer. 🙏🏿
CrinyB 16 dager siden
Only the 100th time I've watched this now but it's totally worth it 💙
The Jelly Bean
The Jelly Bean 16 dager siden
Everybody’s making fun of pep and his team but he still has my respect at the end of the day. Him and his team took a loss and didn’t take off the medals or disrespect it in any way, unlike man United when they lost the UEL final. They were completely disrespectful and cocky.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 16 dager siden
Salfok sama rudiger sujud🙏🏻
Pascal L
Pascal L 16 dager siden
The mariadorf guy 👏
sammy kay
sammy kay 16 dager siden
I've watched this for countless number of times.
Ñàlïtûbá Çhïzôñgō
Ñàlïtûbá Çhïzôñgō 16 dager siden
Kiran Tamang
Kiran Tamang 16 dager siden
Kante fan from Nepal 🇳🇵
hongkongsmartboy 17 dager siden
In 2012 Champions League final, Robben completed his mission. In 2013 Europa League final, Matic completed his mission. In 2019 Europa League final, Cech completed his mission. In 2021 Champions League final, De Bruyne completed his mission.
Zak 17 dager siden
Who else saw Kante get lifted 💙
dingdong3000 17 dager siden
imagine how many covid germs on that cup xD
Sanjay Sahoo
Sanjay Sahoo 17 dager siden
Are bhai wahi jagah par chumian de rhe ho ,corona ho jaayega 😁😁
Stephen Duffy
Stephen Duffy 17 dager siden
Greatest night of my life
Bec Ey
Bec Ey 17 dager siden
I like PSG better but i wanted chealsea to winn the champions leauge final cause PSGs out
ShiroChan 18 dager siden
Hazard nangis melihat ini
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye 18 dager siden
Chelsea Football Club are the first team in football history to win all three major European club competitions twice. - Champions League 🏆🏆 - Europa League 🏆🏆 - European Cup Winners Cup 🏆🏆 THAT'S WHAT WE CALL HISTORY. 🦁🔵⚽
Ru Basset
Ru Basset 18 dager siden
Let’s go Chelsea
Dapz Mostanti
Dapz Mostanti 18 dager siden
💙💙💙 absolutely Beautiful
Jinkura Kura
Jinkura Kura 18 dager siden
Salfok sama rudiger sujud🙏🏻
Farid Duddin
Farid Duddin 18 dager siden
almost forgot to watch this today
Arya Das Class V,Sec-I,Roll 11
Arya Das Class V,Sec-I,Roll 11 18 dager siden
Havertz is the heavenly
The King
The King 18 dager siden
Pay ref
Hân Bích
Hân Bích 18 dager siden
The best kante
İsmail Mubarik
İsmail Mubarik 18 dager siden
Barca vs man city , final champions league 2021/22
Rikardo Libing
Rikardo Libing 18 dager siden
Thanks Havertz
CFC Steven
CFC Steven 18 dager siden
CFC Steven
CFC Steven 18 dager siden
Genis Mata
Genis Mata 18 dager siden
C'est mérite pour chelsea 🔥❤
Daz Couz
Daz Couz 18 dager siden
I have watched this video so many times over the past couple of days and I still get goosebumps. Amazing. Chelsea 💙
Paterne Igiraneza
Paterne Igiraneza 18 dager siden
psg chearse wawa bon coach
TWT. 18 dager siden
Chelsea last 10 years: -Champions League🏆🏆 -Uefa Europa League🏆🏆
nightcore Queen107
nightcore Queen107 2 dager siden
Arsenal have the most FA cups tho
Мартин Петров
Мартин Петров 18 dager siden
"Let's not forget that it was a journey started by Frank Lampard." - NO, I wanna forget him. I even did, 'cause it was a waste of time with him softly said!
Jake Nebel
Jake Nebel 18 dager siden
2:17 anyone else notice Zouma lifting NG up 💙
I. A.
I. A. 18 dager siden
Thanks to PSG for sacked Tuchel to let he guide Chelsea to Champions League Final and win the trophy
Andy Rav
Andy Rav 18 dager siden
And so City can wait , they know it's too late, But "Don't look back in anger"................ ................Chelsea said!........................ At least not today!
Huwal Fadillah
Huwal Fadillah 18 dager siden
camera man miss to shot werner touch the trophy
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh 18 dager siden
2:16 Kante was too short so Zouma lifted him for the crowds to see
Cậu Pa
Cậu Pa 18 dager siden
Kiss a position OMG... Corona...
salwa kanza
salwa kanza 18 dager siden
Congratz Chelsea ... good job Top 5 league champion trophy : 1. Madrid : 13 trophy (Spain) 2. AC milan : 7 trophy (Italy) 3. Muenchen & Liverpol : 6 trophy (Germany & English) 4. Barcelona : 5 trophy (Spain) 5. Ajax : 4 trophy (Holland)
MP Pabel Hossen
MP Pabel Hossen 19 dager siden
Congratulations cl
Mugisha Gabriel
Mugisha Gabriel 19 dager siden
Name a better champions league trophy lifter captain that azpi
The Killer Zacksters
The Killer Zacksters 19 dager siden
Man city players in distance watching
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12 19 dager siden
Chelsea Champions 💙🏆🔵🥇
DB Beats
DB Beats 19 dager siden
I can watch this 100x and it still wont be enough
Cameron Meloy
Cameron Meloy 19 dager siden
Oh no the one chelsea player in the back
Fayaz Ahmed
Fayaz Ahmed 19 dager siden
Does anyone know the background music when the players are walking onto the stage
Nosakhare Eke
Nosakhare Eke 19 dager siden
It socks to be an Arsenal fan right now, doesn't it?
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif 19 dager siden
Kante supporters ❤️!
Cat Tinkerbell
Cat Tinkerbell 19 dager siden
Tuchel must have felt an out of this world satisfaction.
Achmad Anshori
Achmad Anshori 19 dager siden
global fan
global fan 19 dager siden
2:36. Rudiger doing Sujood!
Craig Dicker
Craig Dicker 19 dager siden
London is ours...
Brendan Sousa
Brendan Sousa 19 dager siden
Mason proved every single one of his doubters wrong. Feels so good to see our academy boys finally make it with the senior team.
Yeheskiel Football
Yeheskiel Football 19 dager siden
Dont Worry Guys man city travel next year winners
Khaibar Assi
Khaibar Assi 19 dager siden
Werner type of guy to do nothing in a group project and still get A+.
BolaKaki TV26
BolaKaki TV26 19 dager siden
Chelsea midfielder = Kante, Kante and Kante
Josh McCarthy
Josh McCarthy 19 dager siden
Why do they all kiss it, I get the passion but bit weird like?
abdul majid
abdul majid 19 dager siden
Kante is even shy of touching the trophy.
3.1_8002 Prayogi
3.1_8002 Prayogi 19 dager siden
kangen real madrid angkat trophy gini lagi
ZhyGuy TV
ZhyGuy TV 19 dager siden
Wi 19 dager siden
A prime example of how to spread COVID quickly 😂
Agung Nurmawan
Agung Nurmawan 19 dager siden
champione champione ole ole ole
Melusi Msani
Melusi Msani 19 dager siden
Kante is on fire this season 😍😍⚽⚽🏆🏆👌👌🏅🏅he derseved to a Fifa ballo'n this year 🏆🏆
BabyGum 19 dager siden
suraj shrestha
suraj shrestha 19 dager siden
We want full celebration video..
CFC Steven
CFC Steven 19 dager siden
CFC Steven
CFC Steven 19 dager siden
Moh fyass
Moh fyass 19 dager siden
Wonder Mokoena
Wonder Mokoena 19 dager siden
Ziyech & Zouma💙...then people wonder why Hazard was laughing 😂
Pirma Sibarani
Pirma Sibarani 19 dager siden
Selamat dan sukses
Penjantan Tangguh
Penjantan Tangguh 19 dager siden
Love Chelsea 💙
Shahrul Azahari
Shahrul Azahari 19 dager siden
Congratulations! King of europe Chelsea F.C
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