Fight Week: UFC 263 Preview Show | Adesanya v Vettori 2, Figueiredo v Moreno 2, Edwards v Diaz

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Michael Bisping, Adam Catterall, and Nick Peet look ahead to a massive fight night on Saturday at UFC 263. Israel Adesanya returns to middleweight to defend his belt in a rematch with Marvin Vettori, while Deiveson Figueiredo runs it back with Brandon Moreno after their crazy drawn title fight last December.

Leon Edwards gets his chance to impress over five rounds against Nate Diaz as he looks to make it 10 fights unbeaten.

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BT Sport
BT Sport 8 dager siden
Which of the fight are you picking for Fight of the Night?
Billy's Subies and Snow Show
Billy's Subies and Snow Show 6 dager siden
Since your asking questions? Will BT Ever Go all Out and Give us Bisbing and Hardy Together on the Commentary team!! Be like Bob and Bob from Mean Machine!! It's a MUST
highlandritz 7 dager siden
Figueiredo vs Moreno: FOTN. Leon Edwards: POTN.
*RoRyxD* Fox
*RoRyxD* Fox 6 dager siden
It's colby next for marty not Leon wtf
Adam Barnes
Adam Barnes 7 dager siden
Everyone talks about figueiredo taking the fight on 21 days but Moreno did exactly the same thing as they had fought on the same card when figueiredo called him out.
Shawn Holcomb
Shawn Holcomb 8 dager siden
Edwards does not deserve a title shot over Covington. Y’all smoking dope
*RoRyxD* Fox
*RoRyxD* Fox 6 dager siden
I said exact same comment 👌👍👍
Reaalla 8 dager siden
Izzy Moreno Diaz
D W 8 dager siden
I miss Dan.
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M 8 dager siden
Bisping should seriously consider voice acting
Jaysyn Whero
Jaysyn Whero 8 dager siden
Tune the Italian wet dream up the bro izzy al mfn dae 😂😂😂
Callum Mackay
Callum Mackay 8 dager siden
Get Dan ban
mrlegkick666 8 dager siden
Why do we feel the need to use English and Scottish flags? We only do that in football because we have separate teams. What's wrong with the Union Jack?
This Kid's Opinion
This Kid's Opinion 8 dager siden
Just made my prediction videos for ufc 263, check them out please!
Liam Bennett
Liam Bennett 9 dager siden
This video was so hard to find😭 anyone else have this problem
desmond jiwe
desmond jiwe 9 dager siden
This will be very easy for Adesanya, 3rd round KO. ...Adesanya wins
blake Landon
blake Landon 9 dager siden
Vettori, Moreno, Edwards
Electric Playa
Electric Playa 9 dager siden
wow what a fight card izzy vs marvin nate vs leon moreno vs figueiredo
Dhruvish Kapadia
Dhruvish Kapadia 9 dager siden
Michael "jo jo calderwood" Bisping 😁😁
Marty from Nebraska
Marty from Nebraska 9 dager siden
I don’t like the fact that people are acting like Jan only won because of the takedowns He nullified Izzy’s stand up game as well
Leon Es
Leon Es 9 dager siden
leon couldnt finish cowboy .. how is going to finish diaz
John Abraham
John Abraham 10 dager siden
John Abraham
John Abraham 10 dager siden
Roy Kevingson
Roy Kevingson 10 dager siden
sono già sul divano a mangiare pop corn, bere birra e tirare pidita
douglas mccann
douglas mccann 10 dager siden
Leon eye poker cheater
a9 25sw
a9 25sw 10 dager siden
Moreno and Fig fought on the same card 21 days before their title fight. Yet everyone keeps bringing up the fact that Fig had just well so did Moreno. They both won in the first round, Fig under 2min, Moreno towards end of the 1st round.
David Anderson
David Anderson 9 dager siden
Exactly mate its annoying me nobody on any mma show has mentioned Brandon had the exact same turnaround
Pete Spino
Pete Spino 10 dager siden
Bisbing should realize. Young Nate Diaz lit up Cowboy. Leon did NOT.. COMMON OPPONENT MEATHEAD BISBING. IM TAKIN NATE BY K.O.
iSnaaacky 10 dager siden
Dober vs Riddel should be an excellent scrap
iSnaaacky 10 dager siden
Love Bisping but bring back Dan Hardy
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
Nah I prefer bisping he's more entertaining and also he's the only British UFC champion in history
K. Nguyen
K. Nguyen 10 dager siden
Nate by 'Stocktown Slap'.....mark my words
Harry Miles
Harry Miles 10 dager siden
Not particularly excited for this card. I don't think Vettori has much for Izzy. Likely a repeat of their first match. Izzy picking him apart. Too much of a skill set difference as well as styles matchup between the two. Leon Edwards and Nate should be a fun fight. We'll see if Leon can put Nate away. Nate is tough as nails and had never been KOed. I want to see Jiri and Jan go at it.
Ghanim AlMansoori
Ghanim AlMansoori 10 dager siden
Dan hardy 💔💔💔
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
Nah I prefer bisping he's more entertaining and also he's the only British UFC champion in history
gregory comngo
gregory comngo 10 dager siden
well UFC fighters are goin to boxing's better Payment !!! this is all over social media around the world !!! I wonder if Nate Diaz is gonna go to Boxing's ?
Vince Ventura
Vince Ventura 10 dager siden
When they last fought Marvin just turned 24 he is not recognizable as the fighter he was back then . I think Marvin is going to ragdoll Izzy ..n he cracked Izzy with 3 consecutive left straights that almost had Izzy out on his feet in the first fight , if anybody thinks that fight wasn’t a razor close decision is just a Izzy Stan that doesn’t understand what they are watching .
Prithvish Roy
Prithvish Roy 8 dager siden
It'll be fun seeing Vettori win
Conner Anstiss
Conner Anstiss 10 dager siden
Maia for a sub victory 👌
Josh James
Josh James 10 dager siden
I got stylebender figgy and leon all win by finish
Yussuf Eladel
Yussuf Eladel 10 dager siden
Edwards is not next coby is
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 10 dager siden
All three Kinda biased toward Leon Edwards. As a reporter should highlight both sides.
James Taylor
James Taylor 10 dager siden
Love these get me so hyped for the fights!!!!
Alan Cortez
Alan Cortez 10 dager siden
Nick first a Jon Jones fanboy and Israel Adesanya Fan boy choose my guy don’t like both guys if they beefing with each other 😂😂💀
TheJvg3 10 dager siden
bring the main man Dan Hardy back please
bigking97 11 dager siden
I live in the UK I don't know many people who are really leon Edwards fan, he's just seen as a good fighter who is kinda boring and him being boring is why he doesn't have many fans, because he has fought big names like Cerrone and dos anjos but people still didn't care after because he was boring to watch
will graham
will graham 11 dager siden
This card is🔥🔥🔥 love this show
Adam 11 dager siden
Bisping low key jealous of Nate Dawg
LEFTHOOK LARRY 11 dager siden
Edwards beats diaz well id say destroys him hes gotta get masvidal next then the winner off colby usman
richard chamoun
richard chamoun 11 dager siden
If Vittori wins, Izzy should go to Bellator. His mystique will be gone.
Luke Willis
Luke Willis 9 dager siden
Richard Hall
Richard Hall 11 dager siden
Is Adam wearing an ALL t-shirt?
Willows 11 dager siden
This entire card is just like any other Diaz involved card, these are the good times to be alive. This will be epic. Craig Balal Leon/ Diaz,,,ahhhh Leon and that's just Nate passing the torch. Davison/Brandon,,,,,, phhh who knows with that one but I think Davison. I really like Marvin but I'm an Aussie 🇦🇺 and I'll always have my neighbours backs, plus it's Izzy, he's the champ.
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 11 dager siden
The Dan hardy breakdown isn't available on this channel in the U.S.?
FUNK !T 11 dager siden
JJ Tremblay
JJ Tremblay 11 dager siden
The thumbnail looks like marvin is crying. I'm a little stoned but still
Lucky Hodcastellana
Lucky Hodcastellana 11 dager siden
Lol the brit’s love their own fighters
the one
the one 11 dager siden
Marvin will take him down and hold him down and make him feel helpless on ground.It's gonna be fun.
WarBRUV 11 dager siden
shows not the same without dan hardy
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin 11 dager siden
What happened to Dan “STOP THE FIGHT” Hardy?
ULC Music (manik flowz)
ULC Music (manik flowz) 11 dager siden
ULC Music (manik flowz)
ULC Music (manik flowz) 11 dager siden
Izzy will finish the fight handily.
716 TG
716 TG 11 dager siden
I’m a simple man, I see bisping on the tube and I watch.. let’s go! ✌🏽
baba yaga
baba yaga 11 dager siden
Bisbing just don't get old 🤔
Thomas Yates
Thomas Yates 11 dager siden
I reckon figgy ,finished Moreno in this one ,he was badly ill the last fight!
Ashar Deadpool
Ashar Deadpool 11 dager siden
I love this show but please add TimeStamps. Would really help understand which topic is being discussed.
Andy Copland
Andy Copland 11 dager siden
I love Leon, but can't wait to see the Moreno rematch... That's gonna be a banger.
Phil Watson
Phil Watson 11 dager siden
Nick buddy, straighten up that diploma lol
threap123 11 dager siden
Pretty much no way Diaz can win. Edwards is bigger, faster better wrestling so can decide where it goes and has good cardio so won’t crumble after battering Diaz for the first 3 rounds. Also has good kicks which Diaz has struggled with.
CJ2284 11 dager siden
Sort that picture out please, take some pride in your work man 😜
Grass Fed Bull
Grass Fed Bull 11 dager siden
Do the people of Nigeria know that Adesanya is a Ladyboy?
Caleb Major
Caleb Major 11 dager siden
Hardy back please thanks xo.
Ehianeta Obinyan
Ehianeta Obinyan 11 dager siden
Guys the first fight was not close, come on !!
dprfail 11 dager siden
bisping... ok i'm out
Samuel Jean-Pierre
Samuel Jean-Pierre 11 dager siden
Where is Dan Hardy? Please bring him tf back please!!!
kblanz 11 dager siden
Love Bisping but missing Dan Hardy
Aaron W.
Aaron W. 11 dager siden
30:53 brooo mike is comedy
P Manny
P Manny 11 dager siden
7:54 everyone’s reaction when Vettori says he dominated Adesanya
Inaam 11 dager siden
Never been a big Izzy fan but I want him to smash Vettori
Lee Samardzija
Lee Samardzija 11 dager siden
Bisping is the man, he's hilarious 😂
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen 11 dager siden
Range,son Vedastie
Range,son Vedastie 11 dager siden
Am with the champ Izzy
Josh James
Josh James 10 dager siden
Can he finish him that's the question I think he will
Marky mark
Marky mark 11 dager siden
giving vettori a serious chance!! 🤣🤣
Xivinux 11 dager siden
Amazing fight preview again lads tremendous work!
Cisco Perez
Cisco Perez 11 dager siden
These need to be longer ! Absolute gold content
LFC BLC 11 dager siden
Out of curiosity, is it mostly UK viewers or do we have any other watchers??
Spliffy Spliff
Spliffy Spliff 11 dager siden
Watching in Nigeria 🇳🇬
Akam Kandola
Akam Kandola 11 dager siden
USA baby
PINKACÄDĒMY 11 dager siden
Damn Dan Hardy, Michaels Bispings doing a really good job in your place 😂
Kenneth Mortensen
Kenneth Mortensen 11 dager siden
Dont see belal dominating Maia. Only see a Maia submission
Element_87 11 dager siden
Can't wait to not watch this one 😂
Kenneth Mortensen
Kenneth Mortensen 11 dager siden
I think we Will have two champions still standing after some great performances. I think both adesanya and deivison Will win by stoppage. And surely Edwards Will win. He is just too good for nate
DESIRE 1 11 dager siden
So much bias
wez tait
wez tait 11 dager siden
Thought Leon reps Jamrock?
DESIRE 1 11 dager siden
Let’s go diaz
Dana Red
Dana Red 11 dager siden
Bisping's great but he isn't as analytical as Dan is. It was a huge mistake dropping him from the show imo
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
Bisping is the only British UFC champion in history and also way more entertaining than Dan they should replace Nick with Dan hardy
Kenny Saunders
Kenny Saunders 11 dager siden
If Figgi wasn't an MMA fighter he'd be a cartel boss.
King Alexander
King Alexander 9 dager siden
@HelmHammerhand el chapo is only 5’6 lol
HelmHammerhand 10 dager siden
A 5'5 cartel boss. Yeah so intimidating
lil Artman X
lil Artman X 10 dager siden
@Abdullah Zackariah that was for laundering money
Kenny Saunders
Kenny Saunders 11 dager siden
@Abdullah Zackariah wow really! Well when he's done with MMA he should be an actor as he's got that hefe swagger
Abdullah Zackariah
Abdullah Zackariah 11 dager siden
He was a chef and a barber
Lucky 11 dager siden
I got a weird feeling Vettori is either gonna pull off the upset, or lose and completely fall off and go on a big losing streak
Arun S
Arun S 11 dager siden
This is gonna be the end of Diaz 😭😭 🤞
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 11 dager siden
Nope ahahha
Edi osmani
Edi osmani 11 dager siden
Pannie kinzad 💪💪💪💪💪🇸🇪 gooo pannie
M 11 dager siden
"England's very own Leon Edwards" He's literally Jamaican. Up the Diaz.
Dayne Fredericks
Dayne Fredericks 11 dager siden
Bring Dan Hardy back, Bisping has enough jobs.
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
Bisping is the only British UFC champion in history and also way more entertaining than Dan they should replace Nick with Dan hardy
O'Neill 11 dager siden
Diaz getting dusted.
The Nazgul
The Nazgul 11 dager siden
breakdown shows from dan hardy are not working in romania, why?
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds 11 dager siden
What a INSANE card!! I can't wait for this event!
Ben McReynolds
Ben McReynolds 11 dager siden
Izzy is just like nobody else. I always want to watch him when he gets in the cage.
Kim Barry
Kim Barry 9 dager siden
Agreed but r u telling me when ngannou gets in the ring u don't get exited thats cap and I also agree with Leon edwards and kamaru usman they r just amazing to watch
misael santana
misael santana 10 dager siden
He’s just a technician. He makes striking look like a finesse. Always looking forward to his fights
Octo pus
Octo pus 11 dager siden
@Andy Avila could happen man who the hell knows what the ufc will do lol but i think israel has already said he wants till next and the ufc probably want to push the jan rematch. So i think marvin as champion, rob takes the belt and then fights israel is like my ultimate scenario
Andy Avila
Andy Avila 11 dager siden
@Octo pus I think whittaker has a better shot at the belt with izzy winning. If vettori wins, I can see an immediate rematch
Mr V
Mr V 11 dager siden
@Octo pus Rob is a great fella too so I'd be happy with that. Probably one of the nicest guys in the UFC
JayEssKay 8
JayEssKay 8 11 dager siden
Nick needs to straighten his picture on the wall, killing my OCD man.
m^3 11 dager siden
Colby vs Marty is the best fight the UFC has to offer by far
Ayushman Rajawat
Ayushman Rajawat 11 dager siden
Andy Avila
Andy Avila 11 dager siden
Ehhhh I'd disagree
David Fourie
David Fourie 11 dager siden
Did Nick Pete just say Soccer! 🤦‍♂️
David Fourie
David Fourie 11 dager siden
Bring back Dan Hardy!
David Fourie
David Fourie 5 dager siden
@MAJEED HD I agree that's why I turn the commentary off when I watched the Israel fight last night. I'm not a causal! I don't need their insights!
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
@David Fourie any real mma fan with knowledge doesn’t need to watch an analysis to know the strengths and weaknesses of fighters only casuals depend on analysis to understand styles, I watch this because it’s entertaining and that’s it and Bisping does decent job giving a very brief and accurate analysis without over doing it
David Fourie
David Fourie 7 dager siden
@MAJEED HD everyone will have a different take on it. I just think we've lost the analysis if I want jokes I watch comedy not an UFC champion
MAJEED HD 7 dager siden
I prefer Bisping he's more entertaining and he's also the only British UFC champion in history
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