Fight Week: Would Michael Bisping fight Jake Paul?

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14 dager siden

Adam Catterall, Nick Peet and Michael Bisping discuss Tyron Woodley's move into boxing and his decision to fight Jake Paul. Michael Bisping also discusses whether he would have ever got in the ring with the NOwindow star.

alwishy 4 dager siden
Tough fight for Woodley ? Give me an effing break bro all these guys going up against that little dweeb are doing it for cash only Mayweather knocked him out twice and held him up as probably in the PPV contract JOKE and a discrace to true sportsman
Ali B6
Ali B6 6 dager siden
These guys are legends. Love the UK chemistry they have going and the banter
sorry. 9 dager siden
So is Jake ever gonna fight someone who isn't a retired old wrestler? He clearly won't fight an ACTUAL boxer, but even against mma fighters he doesn't want to fight a class striker. Just wrestlers.
Magrin Barrie
Magrin Barrie 11 dager siden
this is gonna be another staged one.
G T 11 dager siden
I've told so many people that there's no way woodley doesn't finish him. If Jake somehow wins it's gonna be a rough week for me 🤦😂
Dead Pixels
Dead Pixels 11 dager siden
Bisping is an absolute class act and a great addition to the gang gang. Ring, ring - SHAMMME. Hahahaha.
Stan 11 dager siden
Bisping would not fight Jake Paul, he would maul him
Super Toast
Super Toast 12 dager siden
Yeah lets do it. But instead of no judges like the mayweather logan fight, lets have no referee.
truth teller
truth teller 12 dager siden
FLOYD MAYWEATHER IS DONE!!!! It's up to Tyron now. 2-0 NOwindowrs
Lawlie95 12 dager siden
Can bisping even get a boxing license with one eye?
Troubled 12 dager siden
The cheap guatemalan morally zoom because swim micrencephaly approve aboard a sophisticated europe. useless, bitter chief
Stuart Mckenzie
Stuart Mckenzie 12 dager siden
I have a feeling that Colby Covington is gonna be right,,, I think Woodley will get paid a couple of mill to take a fall... They need this circus to continue. 🎯
sorry. 9 dager siden
Crybaby Colby is just mad he's not getting that same attention that he's soooo desperate for.
sumi10 sumi10
sumi10 sumi10 12 dager siden
Thank god bisping jake fight didn't happened, poor bisping would have lost his other eye to
More Plates More Nates
More Plates More Nates 12 dager siden
Bisping should commentate every fight
More Plates More Nates
More Plates More Nates 12 dager siden
King Bisping
alonso stange
alonso stange 12 dager siden
I have never noticed how often mike blinks
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar 13 dager siden
Come one t wood , if that t wood wins I'll play falling in n out of love everyday after breakfast , after lunch , after dinner for a month .
Sir Murk
Sir Murk 13 dager siden
Callum bisping should fight jake Paul
jzilla1234 13 dager siden
Tyrone is being paid to take a fall, time for one last pay day. Money is money 💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰
Carpenter Jim
Carpenter Jim 13 dager siden
Keep feeding Jake washed up ufc fighters will only make him bigger and tarnish Tyron's legacy.. shame
Zak Gunning
Zak Gunning 13 dager siden
No, he would kill him, it'd be murder haha
Mr Copes
Mr Copes 13 dager siden
Askren did show up MMA fighters, he was never a good striker let alone a decent one. Nothing wrong with him earning his payday, but Ben straight up didn't care. Show a bit of professionalism.
George Walker
George Walker 13 dager siden
It’s true what Bisping saids. Ben is not a stand up fighter. I wanted to support the MMA fighter. But deep inside I knew Ben wasn’t right guy. But T wood can do it
olog bologs spogmadolofs
olog bologs spogmadolofs 13 dager siden
4th pro fight? Comedyshortsgamer is not a pro. Neither of the pauls are pro's.
Tanvir 13 dager siden
I’m sure Bisping was one of the opponents who were offered to fight Jake Paul
Cameron Tilley
Cameron Tilley 13 dager siden
I'd pay to see bisping face Jake Paul and it would only take about 10 seconds
KieranGunnOfficial 13 dager siden
"Cannot fight his way out of a wet paper bag, he can wrestle many paper bags to the floor and keep them there" lmaooo
Max Ethan
Max Ethan 13 dager siden
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Felix Magret
Felix Magret 13 dager siden
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Luna Zoey
Luna Zoey 13 dager siden
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Max Ethan
Max Ethan 13 dager siden
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Wally 13 dager siden
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Zoe Owen
Zoe Owen 13 dager siden
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Female Sport
Female Sport 13 dager siden
L L 13 dager siden
I bet 200€ on Jake to beat Askren ... I won't bet this fight... Good luck to those who will!!! hehee
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams 13 dager siden
I’m happy woodley getting a big pay day all that hard work sacrifice he put in the ufc and now he’s rewarded in boxing
ven om
ven om 13 dager siden
Bisping would murder Jake Paul
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams 13 dager siden
I called askren ko 1st round it was so obvious could’ve made a killing
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams 13 dager siden
Got love bisping he can wrestle many bags to the floor and keep it there fck looooool. Woodley is a different level to askren so we will see if jake is the real striker he claims to be because woodley can throw hands we haven’t seen the best of him in his last few fights but that was fighting mma at the highest level with the real killers and woodley was past his prime in the octagon and this is boxing so let’s see
NoodleC 13 dager siden
Question: would Michael Bisping fight Jake Paul? Answer: If he had 2 eyes, yes
Mark Stubbs
Mark Stubbs 13 dager siden
Looks like Woodley going to the mayweathrr gym to train if thats the case jake Paul got no chance
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner 13 dager siden
Jake Paul honestly wishes he was conor mcgregor thr jealous is beyond belief🤢
Beanz 13 dager siden
Get Bisping to commentate on the fight pls
Int3nseGrind 13 dager siden
Bisping's analysis and breakdown is on point here. His commentary/speaking game has gone up 10 fold. Good on him. For a man that wasn't the most eloquent in the cage, he is doing a great job transitioning into this new role.
SkinnyNiggaWidFatBelly 13 dager siden
Everyone have a good eye might
Whatch Whatch
Whatch Whatch 13 dager siden
I think Jake Paul doesn't understand a loss is boxing 🥊 can be Career ending! Keeping that 0 Makes the money flow
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh 13 dager siden
These idiots don't even remember Ben Askren was undefeated in the UFC as well because he beat Robbie in the first fight.
ADM 13 dager siden
Even if he's out of his prime ... Woodley should easily destroy a NOwindowr.
Andrew Sheppard
Andrew Sheppard 13 dager siden
Please god be right 😅😅
TheWeevul 13 dager siden
Loved hardy on the show, but bisping is class! Great addition🤣
Ninety3TV 13 dager siden
Bisping has been in deep deep water and has won some wars Paul doesn’t want that smoke and tyron will put him in a box of I had to guess
Abbas 13 dager siden
Asked took a dive 1000%
James Grant
James Grant 13 dager siden
The difference is one's been a fighter most of his life n the other has been a boxer for 5 minutes!!!
Macht 13 dager siden
4:12 Earned Shame Bell, Askren. 😑
TheDannyCPFC 13 dager siden
Disrespectful to bisping putting him in the same breath as jake
Victor’s MMA Show
Victor’s MMA Show 13 dager siden
Real talk comin live at 9am!
Thomas Egan
Thomas Egan 13 dager siden
WHY??🧐 Don't any yous ask each other 😋Jake's going to 💰 for Woodley to tak a dive after that last dive askew 🌽
WahWahWehWah 13 dager siden
Fc Jake Paul
Adriano Collinzo
Adriano Collinzo 13 dager siden
Bring back Dan Hardy!!!
Frank Robertson's left ear
Frank Robertson's left ear 13 dager siden
Dan is on BT sport and smashing it
Magpie Media
Magpie Media 13 dager siden
Jakes looking quite good, however his footwork is very clumsy and he hasn't shown any improvement in that area, that's somthing that needs exploiting.
WEPS 89 13 dager siden
danny shennan
danny shennan 13 dager siden
God dam it fix that wonky pic behind your shoulder it's sending my ocd into meltdown
UndisclosedTalent 13 dager siden
MMA fighters do generally suck as boxing though.... no shame... they are combat sports equivalent of decathletes
Pablo Shicoan
Pablo Shicoan 13 dager siden
Who wouldn't fight Jake Paul, the clown goes full windmill during a fight. Head down swing a punch over
JeffersonLookinStoopid 13 dager siden
U got to put Will Mike Tyson Fight Jake Paul?
Scott 13 dager siden
Shut up nick
Ben Cargill
Ben Cargill 14 dager siden
I would love nothing more than to see jake on the floor but I can’t see it tbh
Hms 14 dager siden
The likeable thing about jake during these fight build ups is calling out dana white for 💩 fighter pay, I hope he carries on doing that and Dana white hasn’t yet responded to all that 😂
MrMongoose221 12 dager siden
Yeah as above JP doesn't care about their pay. He's tried to make Tyron and Ben fight for free but asking them to bet their purse and lose it if they don't win. So if he wants them to fight for free he obviously doesn't respect fighter pay lol
Edwizze 14 dager siden
Wow! A lot of idiots on here actually think Jake Paul beats Woodley? Funny enough they didn't think that, when Askren was training to fight him. I guess Woodley is that hated that people are willing to support a fraud (smh).
BEAST TV 13 dager siden
Woodley has never boxed
LuGabooga 14 dager siden
Jake Paul is in every mma fighters mouth even Dana LOL all mma fighters wants to get that money fight Dana is richer every year and no injury’s His fighters risk their life trough many years and most of them even in their latest fights they weren’t good payed UFC business needs to do some change and carry more about his fighter That money are for their family’s, all the damage they receive trough many matches will be paid years later Look Michael Bisping he lost his eye in a fight, where are the millions for him? He is doing podcast and working for the ufc come on man, he deserves to do nothing and enjoying his life with few millions compensated for fighting on the UFC Dana even gift 1 million dollars to Daniel Cormier but where is the same love for his other fighters? Nah that’s not cool.
Jo Co
Jo Co 13 dager siden
UFC fighter = Dana White’s employees
TripleD 14 dager siden
Michael Bisping is the man ✌
No Limits Travel
No Limits Travel 14 dager siden
We need bisping commentary on everything. What a guy. 🔥🎯
Other Half
Other Half 14 dager siden
Tyrone Woodley the type of guy to lose 4 fights in the row just so jake paul would think he's an easy target
KOLBY 13 dager siden
Tony Ferguson is the type to do that, not woodley
007_TYPE_SHIT 13 dager siden
These lot don’t understand that the ufc didn’t like how he was beating tf out off everyone soo they gave the top 5 strongest fighters in his division and he wasn’t like how we have a few years before that. Jake Paul boy masvidal got knocked tf out by usman someone who didn’t even knock out tyron. Tyron is gonna win he already knows how to box and now is gonna train with mayweather. He’s guaranteed To win and he has knockout power and can strike unlike the others that Jake fought
Adam Korn
Adam Korn 13 dager siden
Who’s Tyrone woodley? 😂
WisdomAndChaos 14 dager siden
Top of the Pops.! Horses for Courses.>*
king Ragnar
king Ragnar 14 dager siden
Never got knocked out wtf yall talking he luque ko'd him I. Literally his LAST FIGHT!
Andrew Sheppard
Andrew Sheppard 13 dager siden
@king Ragnar He was out on his feet to be fair mate
king Ragnar
king Ragnar 13 dager siden
@Ben Joyce o yeah my bad lol
Ben Joyce
Ben Joyce 14 dager siden
No he didn’t. Luque d’arce choked him
Modus Ponens
Modus Ponens 14 dager siden
A tough fight for Tyron? Is Bisping of his meds!?!
Modus Ponens
Modus Ponens 13 dager siden
@BEAST TV Neither has Joke Paul so it won't...
BEAST TV 13 dager siden
Tyron has never had a professional boxing match so it will be tough
ThePalskinator 14 dager siden
I know right?
Leroy M
Leroy M 14 dager siden
Would bisping fight logan, he most prob scared haha big mouth but no action
leeturnbull82 14 dager siden
"Woodleys reign on terror as champion"?!?! Easy there tiger. He had three wins. One decisions against Wonderboy and the other a draw, the worst fight ever against Maia, and a good KO of Till. Woodley's title defenses were average at best.
Ibraheem Ali
Ibraheem Ali 13 dager siden
Osbert Snarf he can't get his information right and he is trying to sound smart lol.
Osbert Snarf
Osbert Snarf 13 dager siden
He submitted till didn't he?
Daniel 14 dager siden
Put some respect on his name.
J 14 dager siden
bisping 😂😂😂
Shane Spence
Shane Spence 14 dager siden
Portnoy getting involved
Sameenara Rizvi
Sameenara Rizvi 14 dager siden
Jake should fight Artur Beterbiev, and hope to get out alive. That would be a great story to tell🤣
Imon Banerjee
Imon Banerjee 14 dager siden
Jakes trash talk is as bad as Rockhold's lol if the fight happens the press conferences will be great
sorry. 9 dager siden
Jake's trash talk is a notch above Tito
olog bologs spogmadolofs
olog bologs spogmadolofs 13 dager siden
Rockhold is better because Rockhold at least has some good insults in his head. He just can't process anything from his head to his mouth. Jake generally has the brain capacity of a 12 year old boy.
Osbert Snarf
Osbert Snarf 13 dager siden
@GLK75 sounds like no self help book youve ever read
GLK75 13 dager siden
@Osbert Snarf concieve believe achieve
Osbert Snarf
Osbert Snarf 13 dager siden
Not really tbh, hed just talk over bisping
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 14 dager siden
If Woodley gets smoked by Paul, Bisping got no chance!
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison 14 dager siden
Jake paul when he sees mike bisping: gotcha eye
Ashley Dykins
Ashley Dykins 8 dager siden
@KKV 🤭 pleb
KKV 8 dager siden
Underrated comment. (For those who didn’t get the joke, Bisping has a fake eye.)
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand 13 dager siden
@Jessica Jones That's why it's funny
Ashley Dykins
Ashley Dykins 13 dager siden
Mike bisping: gotcha brain cells... proceeds to KO snake paul in 1 swift movement
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 13 dager siden
That was a lil insensitive.
Championship Boxing
Championship Boxing 14 dager siden
Look at these desperate MMA mf’ers who criticised Paul because they were jealous of what he was doing but now they’re all queuing up to fight him. Sad!!!
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 14 dager siden
He’s got the whole MMA community shook up!
StarDroGeN 14 dager siden
Anybody who is not being biased can tell the odds are again Tyron and frankly speaking that he is very unlikely to win this.
ThePalskinator 14 dager siden
Wimbish Westy
Wimbish Westy 14 dager siden
Just stop nobody wants Jake Paul to be near combat sports
Jay Good
Jay Good 14 dager siden
Can't wait to see Paul get smashed up
Fausto Carrillo
Fausto Carrillo 14 dager siden
Jake by ko
Christopher 14 dager siden
I think Paul would be very competitive with Bisping in a boxing match
LP 14 dager siden
True on paper it would be a good fight but I can see Bisping knocking him out
Alan Cortez
Alan Cortez 14 dager siden
Nick is such a Jonny bones Jones fanboy 😂😂💀
Saor Alba
Saor Alba 14 dager siden
Who cares.... it's not's a circus.....
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios 14 dager siden
Mike has one eye and he would still give Jake a whoopass
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth 14 dager siden
Dude he could school him with a hand tied behind his back
Jack 567
Jack 567 14 dager siden
Boxing is embarrassing these days, not too late to delete this btw BT.
Ben James
Ben James 13 dager siden
Well at least they’re saying it how it is here
Jizzy B
Jizzy B 14 dager siden
Aidan Griffiths
Aidan Griffiths 14 dager siden
Bisping would slaughter him
Aintnuttinnice _
Aintnuttinnice _ 14 dager siden
iv just realised how big jakes head is dam that thing is in its own entity
Juliette MacDonald
Juliette MacDonald 14 dager siden
Absolutely not! I'm writing this before watching the video. Bisping, I believe, is now retired + retirement means no more fights. I believe he would only fight with a pro fighter. I don't believe he would devalue the sport by allowing a "wanna be fighter" as an opponent just for the large amount of money. We've seen a few of these fights but if it becomes a regular occurrence than what does that say about the sport???
Christine Dugmore
Christine Dugmore 14 dager siden
@Shiggystardust Bisping wouldn’t even get a pro license he’s said that himself
Shiggystardust 14 dager siden
Dana wouldn’t let bisping fight him perios
A M 14 dager siden
Did we get the answer to Jake Paul’s question to Woodley in if he lost the fight would he donate the money to Jake’s charity or if he wins Jake will double his purse
ThePalskinator 14 dager siden
In addition to Woodley donating his purse to a charity if he lost, Jake should have bet that if he himself lost, he would have to give Woodley his purse. This way Jake would be actually risking something himself. Jake loves making "safe" bets like this
True2022 14 dager siden
Yeah the answer was no .
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 14 dager siden
Boxing is dead and joke nowadays
TLUG 14 dager siden
🤣🤣🤣 Bisping after realising he can make more than $500,000.
Abs Halgon
Abs Halgon 14 dager siden
Should have been Tommy fury that would have been better
iKwondo 14 dager siden
Not enough virtue signalling going on in this video. Do better BT Sport. We need more not less.
Big Cheeso
Big Cheeso 14 dager siden
This comment is virtue signalling
mike dunn
mike dunn 14 dager siden
Heheh. Bisping is savage.
Timlene 14 dager siden
Ex Cop
Ex Cop 13 dager siden
@Russel Keith 🤣🤣🤣
Russel Keith
Russel Keith 14 dager siden
@Big Cheeso freddie's younger brother
Big Cheeso
Big Cheeso 14 dager siden
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 dager siden
I feel like we're just told to hate Jake Paul. He's doing great things for combat sports and Mike Tyson and Fury have applauded him for it for bringing so many casual fans to the sport.
Nanamma Kumari
Nanamma Kumari 13 dager siden
@RTR Productions Yeah , fair play to him . He is bringing a lot of new fans to the sport but i still hate him . He is not that good of a boxer or that good of a trash talker , he is just weird and cringe
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 dager siden
@Aidan Griffiths Yeah but they're still watching boxing. That's how anything will get popularity. If people like what they're seeing, they'll follow. Every major star in boxing has brought mostly casual audience and plenty of them have stayed
Aidan Griffiths
Aidan Griffiths 14 dager siden
More people arent watching boxing because of him, theyre watching a youtuber
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 dager siden
@Rhodri “The G Man” Grove I get that but not every successful person is a good person. Conor McGregor and Floyd aren't great people for example. It shouldn't matter.
Rhodri “The G Man” Grove
Rhodri “The G Man” Grove 14 dager siden
He's never been a nice person long before he started boxing tbf
Chris Klitou
Chris Klitou 14 dager siden
Let's see if fanboy Nick mentions McGregor or Till
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