"I Can't Put It Into Words." Mr Chelsea Mason Mount On Top Of The World 🏆

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21 dag siden

Chelsea Academy product Mason Mount soaks it in as his boyhood club wins the Champions League, with Mount providing the decisive assist for match-winner Kai Havertz.

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Ngan Khanh
Ngan Khanh 3 dager siden
Josh 6 dager siden
Future captain
Yoan Yoan
Yoan Yoan 9 dager siden
Mason mount 👍
Ikhlas Ramadhan
Ikhlas Ramadhan 15 dager siden
Debate is over, mount>>>foden🤷
The Duck
The Duck 16 dager siden
He's hardly Mr Chelsea being originally from the south coast as a person
Liam Walters
Liam Walters 14 dager siden
Yeah like he was born 55 miles away from the ground miles our next captain needs to Be born on the kings road 😂
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo 16 dager siden
Respect. Well deserved. From a deserved it.
Telis Mane
Telis Mane 17 dager siden
Fantastic footballer. GOD bless him.
Droh 18 dager siden
This guy got SO much stick from everyone when lampard managed Chelsea. No one supported or believed in mount, week after week giving him slander. Now look, the young lad brushed off the constant hate and is becoming one of our best players proving our fans and everyone else wrong. Legendary.
Hamza Baydka
Hamza Baydka 18 dager siden
James and Chilwell will dominate def wings on the world if chelsea keeps this form and azpi leaves the club.
💀🕸♜ 18 dager siden
Mason more fun person in the world ✌🏼😭👏🏻
Liam Schoeman
Liam Schoeman 18 dager siden
I've supported chelsea for 14years ...mason mount is the best player on the pitch he motivates Kante look I've been saving for 2 months he is the only chelsea player I'm getting signed an framed not even Drogba mason make my dream true an send me a shirt please
Usama Khan
Usama Khan 18 dager siden
Waiting to see him in #8 shirt next season if Barkley leaves
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm 18 dager siden
Mount is 1m78 wikipedia info but he looks small ??? 1m78 is quite tall.
Sky Nè
Sky Nè 19 dager siden
Sky Nè
Sky Nè 19 dager siden
Sky Nè
Sky Nè 19 dager siden
So cute
Aynaz Behroozi
Aynaz Behroozi 19 dager siden
Mason 🔥
sendawan sore 20
sendawan sore 20 19 dager siden
He is the nighmare for madrid clubs, he is our player of the year, even messi has to rate him, one and only mason mount. He will be one of the greatest players in the world.
RW R 19 dager siden
Top class performance by Mason Mount. Possession: Kante+Mount, Man City 54%-Che 46%; Kante+Kovacic, Man City 67% - Che 33%. Solid defender. Haven't seen Reece James, Tiago Silva, Rudiger, Chilwell played like no one could ever get through
DMKM 19 dager siden
Manson chelshit player
Animesh Raj
Animesh Raj 19 dager siden
Bruh after screaming so much he literally lost his voice Or maybe it's something else idk
Animesh Raj
Animesh Raj 19 dager siden
My favourite player
Bago Boy
Bago Boy 19 dager siden
My Guyy mouth 🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💯
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 19 dager siden
this guy has been playing for chelsea since he was born basically, cant imagine how happy he must be
dr mursal shire
dr mursal shire 19 dager siden
We love our hero
Original Unoriginal
Original Unoriginal 19 dager siden
Grealish, Foden, Mount, Maddison, England have some talent, at disposal, for the CAM position!
david C
david C 19 dager siden
He's from the South Coast but talks with that divy fake accent blud!!
Mason Mount🔵
Mason Mount🔵 19 dager siden
Better than Foden ;)
Sebikai 19 dager siden
Am i the only person that noticed the voice cracks?
Bon18 19 dager siden
2013 - Mario Mandzukic 🇭🇷 2014 - Luka Modric 🇭🇷 2015 - Ivan Rakitic 🇭🇷 2016 - Luka Modric🇭🇷 2017 - Luka Modric🇭🇷 2018 - Luka Modric 🇭🇷 2019 - Dejan Lovren 🇭🇷 2020 - Ivan Perisic 🇭🇷 2021 - Mateo Kovacic 🇭🇷 2022 - ??????? Croatians Are Dominating UCL for straight 9 yrs🇭🇷
MBOT03 19 dager siden
The salty snowman relevantly trip because cream topologically steer before a highfalutin february. dramatic, sordid brother
Dani Y (Feemy82)
Dani Y (Feemy82) 19 dager siden
He speaks so well, mature and humble. Top bloke
Vickey Singh
Vickey Singh 19 dager siden
Already a legend
Tevii 19 dager siden
Such a good lad. He took the time out to give credit to the staffs and City players 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Great personality, great player 👏🏽👍👌
GoodNews4You 19 dager siden
Tuchel is the key to this team. When he came in, people said that Chelsea is a team for the future. But Tuchel said that this team can win NOW... He gave them the tactics, confidence, and the belief to win.
Mucahco elgringo
Mucahco elgringo 19 dager siden
Top top mentality. This lad is going all the way to the very top.🔥💥💪
AshtimusPrime 19 dager siden
As a Derby fan, I couldn't be more pleased for him. We were lucky to have him for that one season and he's come a long way since that playoff final defeat two years ago.
Rami Hilwani
Rami Hilwani 19 dager siden
For me, all credits goes to Frank Lampard who made this wining infrastructure
Unknown User
Unknown User 19 dager siden
Most credit should go to Tuchel. With Lampard this season would have been a huge disappointment.
Muhammad Akhlad
Muhammad Akhlad 19 dager siden
0:19 he is rapping
Nxthe 19 dager siden
mount >>> foden
historias con el terricola
historias con el terricola 20 dager siden
In the entire season, the only one that can be compare with Kante is Mason Mount, and Kante probably will win the ballon D' or, so that are huge words.
Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma 20 dager siden
Mason 🥰 🥰🥰🥰
Michael Bekele
Michael Bekele 20 dager siden
mount is such a decent human being
Andreas Darsaklis
Andreas Darsaklis 20 dager siden
For Mount James Abraham(maybe not) CHO Zouma and co, that tranfer ban was their opportunity to shine. They grabbed it with both hands and never ever let it go.
Dave Clark
Dave Clark 20 dager siden
Kane Foden, Mount, Sancho Euros forward players .. got to be
DARIUS-PETRU SALE 20 dager siden
Final Euro 2021 🇫🇷 France vs England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
clockwork 20 dager siden
Nobody is talking about 2 voicecracks in the interview 0:14 and 1:32 😂😂😂😂
Daryl kehmia
Daryl kehmia 20 dager siden
Sterling got missing and he was later found in reece name pocket..
Kay Bello
Kay Bello 20 dager siden
Mason Mount > Phil Foden
rollercoaster478 20 dager siden
It's always nice to see academy players succeed in their boyhood clubs, it's the dream really, it's the reason Super League couldn't be allowed. It would kill that dream absolutely and forever for everyone outside those 20 club cities. And I am not a fan of the new legacy rule for UCL either. Seeing Ajax, Bucharest, Atalanta, Zenit etc play at UCL is what makes it EUROPEAN competition not just Big5 Cup. Hopefully Barca Real Juve realise that and forget about Super League. If not, they have to be expelled from both UCL and La Liga/Serie A
Vivan Verma
Vivan Verma 20 dager siden
Class on the field, class off the field. Winning the best poosible trophy in club football is one thing, but giving the opponents, their due credit and respect, straight after the game is another. This boy is true class. Proud to be a blue, KTBFFH 💙💙💙
Adole Sunday
Adole Sunday 20 dager siden
Believe is everything bro Congratulations
Phi Nguyễn
Phi Nguyễn 20 dager siden
I remember when Chelsea bought Kai, lots of rumors told that Mount would be on the bench. And now both of them helped Chelsea to win CL. Like Tuchel said " Stop reading", Stop reading and enjoy the game. When Chelsea lost the FA final, lots of people criticized him because he wore a tracksuit instead of a vest. And Yesterday He didn't wear a vest too and he won CL. Some stupid pundits have talked about his tactics, records and when they didn't know anything to say, they talked about his clothes. This is football not A fashion show in Milan
Luncoln TV
Luncoln TV 20 dager siden
That voicecrack 0:14
gary turley
gary turley 20 dager siden
ha poor city boing
B. O
B. O 20 dager siden
Crazy how much of difference a coach makes! Chelsea beat them twice league and cl, they are by far the better team.
Premier Madness
Premier Madness 20 dager siden
The next Lamps of Chelsea
Chris 20 dager siden
Is he tyring to yodel?
AdorablePluto05 20 dager siden
That's why messi praised Mason Mount before UCL semis
Louis Stones
Louis Stones 20 dager siden
Generational talent, one of our own 💙
wahdncx 20 dager siden
Great player, seems a solid young lad as well, with his mentality he is going to go far
Kiz 20 dager siden
ole olee ole ole mason MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT
Lakshya 7
Lakshya 7 20 dager siden
That ball was delicious mount
FIFA_05 20 dager siden
Well done but there not the best team in the world
mukiza EMMANUNUEL 20 dager siden
My future captain All the way from 🇷🇼Rwanda
JA10HD 20 dager siden
Memphis Cologne
Memphis Cologne 20 dager siden
I’m an Arsenal fan but seeing all the young players come through and win big trophies is amazing to see 🔥
Raindeer 20 dager siden
This lad is a perfect replacement for Hazard Top player Brilliant assist
geminirius 20 dager siden
Absolute class! Gives credit to the staff and the City's players. What a true leader 💯
xtsmobile 20 dager siden
Money Mase with the 🔥🔥🔥Assist
no shock
no shock 20 dager siden
mount is gonna do a gerrard at chelsea ffs
Mr Bille
Mr Bille 20 dager siden
What an assist from Mount, a golden pass.
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson 20 dager siden
Well done Mason Mount. Now he can go and win 2 more finals in Super Cup v Villareal and World Club Cup.
Rich S
Rich S 20 dager siden
Well done Mason. Future Chelsea captain? 😀👍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 Best team in the world!
FZ11 .t
FZ11 .t 20 dager siden
Ngl mason made me deep that I hate losing against arsenal with a passion, these blokes will get gassed out of their lives for the longest time, even with their whole team inside their box for 90 mins and managing to win with a scrappy goal and they’re all over the moon for weeks to come. I dont wanna see that ever again it’s so piss taking
setsuna f. seiei
setsuna f. seiei 20 dager siden
Tommy Sirle
Tommy Sirle 20 dager siden
I've doubted him but I'll not doubt him again
Shreyas Thakker
Shreyas Thakker 20 dager siden
Super Mase💙
Praneeth Marri
Praneeth Marri 20 dager siden
Bring in academy players in full force now. Mount, Reece, CHO everyone have proved that academy is worth it.
Jack Harding
Jack Harding 20 dager siden
well done to Chelsea but I wonder what would of happened if Lewandowski was fit against PSG things might be different now
The beard father
The beard father 20 dager siden
We only conceeded 4 goals the entire run 📈📈 let that sink in
Joe Klose
Joe Klose 20 dager siden
Chelsea future captain... Good lad
Sangethram Kiritharan
Sangethram Kiritharan 20 dager siden
The fact that he cut his celebrations and went to cheer Man City Up is magnificent.Idk if many players would do that
Red Mist
Red Mist 20 dager siden
Well done Chelsea ! Didn't want man city to win it 😂
Osemwahu Aisagbonhi
Osemwahu Aisagbonhi 20 dager siden
Mason mount is a the summit 🤡 of world football 🤡
Andynator HD
Andynator HD 20 dager siden
Great player 💖
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 20 dager siden
Top lad. My favourite player. Tears of joy I fkn love this club !
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 20 dager siden
Voice crack at 0:14
Bryan Francisco
Bryan Francisco 20 dager siden
I had a flashback of Terry the way this man was talking! Future captain for sure! Proper chels!
Pricillia Carolina
Pricillia Carolina 20 dager siden
9 years ago he watched chelsea won it. And now he won it. What a dream comes true
Skankhunt 43
Skankhunt 43 20 dager siden
Defiantly not the best team in the world 😂😂😂😂
Alfa Yasin
Alfa Yasin 20 dager siden
Emotional moments🔥🔥🔥
Dr RN 20 dager siden
One of our own!!!!
Dvid12 H34
Dvid12 H34 20 dager siden
Fantastic display from Chelsea tonight fully deserved let’s hope with the class that the young English talent of James, Mount, Chilwell and Foden it’ll be a year to remember in the Euros for the Uk
Yashwanth G
Yashwanth G 20 dager siden
Mount owes a lot to lampard for giving him chances even when his form wasnt the best. By the time frank left, mount was an all round player and no amount of criticism can take away his achievements. 💙 Top class mentality from the lad to think about the losing team and their efforts amidst his celebrations.
Mohammad Sameer Kakar
Mohammad Sameer Kakar 20 dager siden
They just need Kane NOW to concure the PL.
Dude 123
Dude 123 20 dager siden
Well said
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 20 dager siden
What a classy lad. This boy is going to be a Chelsea legend, no two ways about it.
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist 20 dager siden
Chelsea bought Havertz, Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic, to replace Hazard, when they already had it all this time, luckily Lampard realized it.
Karthik Prakash
Karthik Prakash 20 dager siden
Mount is a lampard regen on career mode
Wildan Syahidillah
Wildan Syahidillah 20 dager siden
I don't know for some reason when Mason Mount mentioned his dad, I was thinking Lampard 😂
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