"I don't know what Pep's going to do!" Thomas Tuchel looks ahead to the Champions League final

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22 dager siden

It has been some turnaround at Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel has secured a top-four Premier League finish and now has the chance to secure another Champions League. He looks ahead to the all-English tie, and admits he has no idea how Pep Guardiola is going to set up his Man City side on Saturday evening.

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Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry 5 dager siden
Came into England , spoke better English than Harry Kane and won the champions league Top man
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 9 dager siden
'I don't know what Pep's going to do' Pep: Starts Sterling, plays Gundogan in DM instead of Fernandinho or Rodri, doesn't start an actual striker
notJAY 15 dager siden
He's gonna play no defensive midfielder
JinrohDFLL 16 dager siden
he's gonna play 1 1 9 with no gk. coz he genius like that.
MrDjambronk 16 dager siden
Pep : "neither do I"
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 18 dager siden
ondank 18 dager siden
Tuchel: No idea what Pep will do Also Tuchel: Well my players are great and my tactics are solid so we will just do the usual Pep: Knows exactly what Tuchel is gonna do and why its so effective Also Pep: Errrr ... 8 attackers with no striker?!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 18 dager siden
Thanks to God for Tuchel and Thiago for winning the champions league 🏆🏅💙💙💙💙
Unako Ontei
Unako Ontei 19 dager siden
Yeeeeppppppyyy!! Me and Thomas We are smiling this Year❤😁😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 19 dager siden
apparently Pep has no idea either.
Ikram Hussain
Ikram Hussain 19 dager siden
Absolute legend
ananta akash podder
ananta akash podder 19 dager siden
Came here after the UCL final... such a humble & genuine person Tuchel is 😊❤❤❤
Hussein barakat
Hussein barakat 19 dager siden
hes going to leave aguero on the bench and put sterling in striker
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 9 dager siden
Oooh close, he put KDB as striker but he did bench Aguero
Sekese Rasephei
Sekese Rasephei 19 dager siden
Brilliant interview. Can anyone tell me who the interviewer is please?
Happyapple42 19 dager siden
English managers are so far behind.
Gavin Mowat
Gavin Mowat 19 dager siden
His English is fantastic
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court 19 dager siden
"I don't know what Pep's going to do!" we now know, he is going to lose
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 19 dager siden
NOT EVEN PEP knew what he was doing Herr Tuchel 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
randy jordan
randy jordan 19 dager siden
What a nice person
Arkos 11
Arkos 11 19 dager siden
whose here after pep didn't start fernandinho
Sailesh Phuyal
Sailesh Phuyal 20 dager siden
That humility !
Niki Sommerwind
Niki Sommerwind 20 dager siden
Tuchel best Man
Achim Wild
Achim Wild 20 dager siden
Great interviewer, really giving Tuchel room to talk freely
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 20 dager siden
Pep doesn't know what Pep is going to do
Ramon Rüegg
Ramon Rüegg 20 dager siden
So happy for Thomas Tuchel and the whole Chelsea family also special thanks to Frank Lampard who bought great players for us ❤️
Ray Mullababii
Ray Mullababii 20 dager siden
I would had love the hear the tactical discussion from them both at that lunch
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 20 dager siden
Chelsea mid of table, lampard sacked, tuchel comes in mid season and in 6 months ends top 4 and wins champions league. if this is not epic and proof of a good coach skills matter a ton then idk what is
Yasha Howard
Yasha Howard 17 dager siden
Actually in 4 months
Ganesh R
Ganesh R 20 dager siden
Small Small
Small Small 20 dager siden
My best coach ever.
GoodNews4You 20 dager siden
Pep bottled it....over-thinking... Tuchel deserves it. He said his team were ready to win now....and not in the future. Amazing job to instill the winning mentality.
Rathurshan Rajeekaran
Rathurshan Rajeekaran 8 dager siden
well said
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah 20 dager siden
Tuchel is very smart...
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas 20 dager siden
Actually Pep didn't know what Tuchel was about to do
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 9 dager siden
I don't think Pep knew what Pep was going to do
44R Arr
44R Arr 20 dager siden
Well from the interview of pep. I'm sure he know what Tuchel plan is. Yet, he doesn't know the perfect plan for to counter that.
Baba Buya
Baba Buya 20 dager siden
Champions 🏆🏆
Alan Dunk
Alan Dunk 20 dager siden
Tuchel master class
nitin pandey
nitin pandey 20 dager siden
Who's here after UCL finals 😂😂
simplythebest286 20 dager siden
congratulations for winning the champion's league !!! fully deserved !!!
Sss Xxx
Sss Xxx 20 dager siden
He's Done It
Carson Otieno
Carson Otieno 20 dager siden
Chelsea wooooon yeeeh
Sean Omari
Sean Omari 20 dager siden
Huge lesson for PSG 😂. Won Ligue 1 with other cups, UCL finalist Finished 2nd, lost to City 😂... Don’t know what the owners were thinking lol. Well done Chelsea 😝🏆🏆🏆 finally 2012, 2021 flipped
Tanish 20 dager siden
He did know what pep was gonna do
ARTHUR WEASLEY 20 dager siden
PSG : In search of Gold , we lost a gem ...
Rathurshan Rajeekaran
Rathurshan Rajeekaran 8 dager siden
idiots to let go of a top manager
Tuku Watchdog
Tuku Watchdog 20 dager siden
The Student beat the teacher ,Tuchel is a genius,he was brilliant with his selection and subs ,well deserved victory for the blues !
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez 20 dager siden
I bet $1 million that Man City will win the champions.
RM MM 20 dager siden
Pay up buddy
Jester Jester
Jester Jester 20 dager siden
Lol nope
Alan R. B. R.
Alan R. B. R. 20 dager siden
I dunno maybe next year
Tan S
Tan S 20 dager siden
Sorry Pep knows what Chelsea is capable of doing, which isn't much
Anup Kodlekere
Anup Kodlekere 20 dager siden
Why does he look like he's about to win the Monaco Grand Prix
MullerFan28 20 dager siden
if Kante wins UCL and has a good euro tournament he could actually win the ballon do'r
Cybertron Lel
Cybertron Lel 20 dager siden
Now I guess Tuchel deserves UCL
Legend in the making
Legend in the making 20 dager siden
Pep's Barca is still by far the best team that I've ever seen. I'm glad it inspired Tuchel.
Fantastic3 20 dager siden
Chelsea will win. End of matter
engabdimajid 20 dager siden
Chelsea will be winner insha Allah
engabdimajid 20 dager siden
Even managers stay england 10yrs can't speak like this
He's a very humble Coach I really like him
Justice Prevails
Justice Prevails 21 dag siden
Man city - One of the best managers in world football Chelsea - One of the best managers in world football Liverpool - One of the best managers in world football Everton - One of the best managers in world football Man United - ole at the wheeel
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 9 dager siden
Arsenal - Trust the process Wobbie
Logos Porticus
Logos Porticus 21 dag siden
Tuchel has a good nose, considering he never coached in England
Jake 21 dag siden
He looks like a F1 driver lol
Duong Hiep Ha
Duong Hiep Ha 21 dag siden
The rare feedback traditionally bury because radio scientifically enter amongst a impolite pancreas. fallacious, oafish bengal
swamp thing
swamp thing 21 dag siden
Tuchel can play the 'joker' în the next batman movie
Valentine Al-kanani
Valentine Al-kanani 21 dag siden
As a PSG fan I hope chelsea win this, our sporting director is very clueless
Nathan 21 dag siden
Could listen to Pep and Tuchel all day so knowledgeable
AA 21 dag siden
your welcome chelsea :)
Arsenie Boca
Arsenie Boca 21 dag siden
Chelsea will win, but will be a hell of a game!
Faka G
Faka G 21 dag siden
I hope so that this guy not win the Champions League pohhh
United Extra Time
United Extra Time 21 dag siden
Expecting a Tuchel tactical masterclass. I can’t believe experts foolishly wrote this guy off when coming to the Premier League. In this one off game his team has a good chance of victory if they can be successful in the few looks they will get a chance too score.
Crystal Atlantis
Crystal Atlantis 21 dag siden
i can see tt pinching this in a way. the arogance of pep and his squad will be there denial, its like they think they are going to win already. i just dont want city to win. sick of them winning so please tt put a big spanner in the oily machine that is city
Shruwz 21 dag siden
what a turnaround for Chelsea this season, he's proved he's a top manager plying his trade in the best league in the world and now a champions league final for a team that were 9th in the league when he took over.
Aspiring Striker
Aspiring Striker 21 dag siden
ETIWAX VENTURE 21 dag siden
I really like how Thomas smiles and laugh mainly during interview
Fredy Budiman
Fredy Budiman 21 dag siden
tuchel : i dont know whats pep gonna do Jose : thats cute
Alexander Jonas
Alexander Jonas 21 dag siden
I’m sure Chelsea will be either win or or come very close, might even be runners up!
Marc Thomson
Marc Thomson 21 dag siden
The baseball cap does wonders for the German's 😂👏👌
Tinashe Kharko
Tinashe Kharko 21 dag siden
Chelsea win💙💙💙
Tinashe Kharko
Tinashe Kharko 21 dag siden
The battle of the two giants club is going to be explosion today🔥 the game that we have been waiting for is going to be awesome full of entertainment
Ally Mapinda
Ally Mapinda 21 dag siden
U don't have to be a coach in England to speak good English.
Dale r Warner
Dale r Warner 21 dag siden
Frank is a legend Chelsea give tuchel time
Swapnil Kulkarni
Swapnil Kulkarni 21 dag siden
I really dont like Chelsea but this guy is very likeable
Jefferson MOe.
Jefferson MOe. 21 dag siden
Aside the UK, Germans and Dutch are god English speakers.
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 21 dag siden
And Scandinavians.
carefreecfc 21 dag siden
Victor Lichtenberg
Victor Lichtenberg 21 dag siden
Wow, he's really passionate and obsessed with football and his job! And the way he talks shows that he has some character too. Hope Chelsea wins the thing!
Shubham Katiyar
Shubham Katiyar 21 dag siden
Its extraordinary that someone would have jesus, sergio and sterling in their squad and would not play anyone of them.. would not play a striker even and wins everything! Not many would even think of ever doing it .
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 21 dag siden
My manager. We can do this.
Ks372 Ks372
Ks372 Ks372 21 dag siden
Var will decide the winner not tactics
Subham Padhi
Subham Padhi 21 dag siden
Wtf .. where is the trash talk man ... hype it up a bit
Shesky Adebayo
Shesky Adebayo 21 dag siden
It's refreshing to see how TT always gives a nod to Frankie for qualifying the team through the group stage. A little humility never hurts anyone. Imagine such class from Mourinho 😃
MC 19 dager siden
Shows his class
Edge 21 dag siden
If man city play a highline against Chelsea then they will get countered. Man city have to score first and control the midfield. Man city 2 chealsea 0
Mr Emeng
Mr Emeng 21 dag siden
Lavardo Colepalmer
Lavardo Colepalmer 21 dag siden
Chelsea wouldn’t win
Opangopan Arpan
Opangopan Arpan 21 dag siden
As a football fan I choose not to demonize other clubs because sport is passion respect and fair play. But I'm Chelsea fan from Ruud Gullit was a player there
Anthony Fawcett
Anthony Fawcett 21 dag siden
One of the best managers Chelsea have had
LISTA ISLAM 21 dag siden
This final has the blueprint of the Germany-Argentina 2014 we final. On a side note, Tuchel is a great speaker
Akram Helal
Akram Helal 20 dager siden
Chukwukere Okpani
Chukwukere Okpani 20 dager siden
And that ended 1-0 as well.
DARREN DAY 21 dag siden
Please let Chelsea win so I can have another good laugh in a week after man United lost.🙏
Jideofor.bright Bright
Jideofor.bright Bright 20 dager siden
@Virtual Snipe not all are supporting chelsea..up Chelsea
Virtual Snipe
Virtual Snipe 21 dag siden
Manunited fans are supporting Chalsea i think. They hate us City more then chalsea right now 😂
N K 21 dag siden
Justice for Palestine 🇵🇸 Long live Palestine 🇵🇸 Long live Gaza 🇵🇸
. Football!on
. Football!on 21 dag siden
Prasanjeet Nayak
Prasanjeet Nayak 21 dag siden
F*ck off....this is not a political platform
N K 21 dag siden
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
prince chaoui
prince chaoui 21 dag siden
Seb Littlewood
Seb Littlewood 21 dag siden
Scenes when Pep plays 1-2-3-4 with KDB at CB
faz Patel
faz Patel 21 dag siden
I just cannot see Chelsea winning.. City have too much flair skill style etc,
Jack Bache
Jack Bache 21 dag siden
It’s Man City’s time
كريم البناني
كريم البناني 21 dag siden
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 21 dag siden
They didn't get in the top 4 "the hard way", they got in the easy way. The harder way would've been to go and out and win against Aston Villa to keep them in 3rd position, but they could not do that. They made top 4 the easy way because Leicester losing meant Chelsea had to do nothing! And losing is much easier than winning.
Connor Dankan
Connor Dankan 21 dag siden
Chelsea deserves this the most
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla 21 dag siden
City winning 3-0
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