Star DJ Marshmello looks ahead to Champions League final performance and decides who to support!

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BT Sport

22 dager siden

Opening ceremony act Marshmello meets Man City fan Steven McInerney and Chelsea fan Rishil Patel to decide which team he'll be supporting, and what fans can expect from his performance.

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Santu b
Santu b 14 dager siden
Aress 17 dager siden
cant believe hes talking. He is actually talking!!!
Carm Mt
Carm Mt 19 dager siden
Masrshmellow Is good in vídeo games. Skating Dancing.
Sonia Ma Álvarez
Sonia Ma Álvarez 19 dager siden
D0S1S 1MP4RC1AL 20 dager siden
BIG 🐂💩 , I prefer an old Pepsi commercial with football legends.
Johnnyplayz 20 dager siden
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 20 dager siden
The Americanisation of our beautiful game. Disgusting
Jevon Francis
Jevon Francis 20 dager siden
Good Job Mello
Jevon Francis
Jevon Francis 20 dager siden
well,Chelsea won
Jason Genovaweight
Jason Genovaweight 20 dager siden
Imagine spending billions on players and acting like ur some plucky little club 😂😂
Jared Doolin
Jared Doolin 21 dag siden
European Bottlers? Can’t be something we’ve never been to
Slowedo Music
Slowedo Music 21 dag siden
Marshmallow should enjoy one team and play the final after his party 🔥🔥😂😂😂
HYSTERIA 0161 21 dag siden
I thought marshy was an aussie why I don't know I just assumed he was
CG 21 dag siden
Rishil is a knob
Adz B3
Adz B3 21 dag siden
They have no choice to play KDB because of Gundagon which plays into Chelsea hands so Chelsea have one the midfield battle because Kante will be pocketing KDB and mount will do up Ferandihno again only concerned about Walker RB if he plays and Mahrez Foden
Mr Emeng
Mr Emeng 21 dag siden
Mah me loh
Legend Rayquaza
Legend Rayquaza 21 dag siden
Marshmello Chelsea fan? 😳 might have to start listening
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma 21 dag siden
I feel mello might be right on this one 👍 .
Achintya Desai
Achintya Desai 21 dag siden
Ask him to play Ritual
Trimaine Sylvanus Naidoo
Trimaine Sylvanus Naidoo 21 dag siden
DJ Marshmello was ahead of time with the mask.
Original Unoriginal
Original Unoriginal 21 dag siden
Plot twist: the white cube with x-x as eyes and a curved line as his lips is not a mask but it's what he was born with!
Paul 21 dag siden
Love Esteemed Kompany. Number two source for City info after Ian Cheeseman, knocking MCIVTA down. First ever website I went on in 1993 MCIVTA...
Delboy0 21 dag siden
UEFA had one job. Chelsea vs Man City, surely Blur and Oasis should be performing. Now we have a guy with a bucket on his head.
raj roshan
raj roshan 21 dag siden
Cmon chelsea 💙💙
Prateek Rout
Prateek Rout 21 dag siden
I'm still wondering who is behind that mask?
Quel Bello
Quel Bello 21 dag siden
Marshmello is sooooo American duh. No joke.
Byron Bowler
Byron Bowler 21 dag siden
have a feeling that Marshmello is a fan of Pepsi.. can't put my finger on why I would say that though
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings 21 dag siden
Man City vs UEFA VARcical Decisions loading 👹
awal nur prayogi
awal nur prayogi 21 dag siden
I don't expect if Marshmellow is Chelsea's fan
Ezy Creator DIY
Ezy Creator DIY 21 dag siden
Steven 💖💟👏
john honai
john honai 21 dag siden
What kind people are these chelsea fans? They think City underestimate Chelsea & at the same time they say Chelsea have advantage since they already won twice against us in previous matches. We approach Chelsea the same way as previous knockout rounds. But I understand ,they(Chelsea fans) wish to say to everyone indirectly that Chelsea performs best when they are underestimated. I feel sad for those that are asking us to do so.
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 20 dager siden
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 21 dag siden
I'm a liverpool fan good look for city and Chelsea Hope its a good match
Darksydesamy 21 dag siden
This is awesome. Steven is the best person to represent city fans. What a great lad.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 21 dag siden
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen 21 dag siden
Americans are weird..
Carlos Acosta
Carlos Acosta 21 dag siden
Oh shut up
Arden Ma Rui
Arden Ma Rui 21 dag siden
I didn't expect this. But why in the title needs to emphasize "American DJ"? They trying too hard to promote the sport to american audience haha
Corey Rouse
Corey Rouse 21 dag siden
Marshmello has been to more UCL finals than Macclesfield United. Props to him, that's an incredible feat.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 21 dag siden
He’s been to the same amount as city
Maupay Your a Cheat
Maupay Your a Cheat 21 dag siden
City fake club
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang 21 dag siden
I hope Brighton get relegated
Revelian1982 21 dag siden
That was surreal..
Shakir Zufayri
Shakir Zufayri 21 dag siden
Where he put his mic
Aaron Nolan
Aaron Nolan 21 dag siden
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel 21 dag siden
Thanks for having me BT and Marshmello! I'm the City fan. Enjoyed that ha.
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 20 dager siden
quinn 21 dag siden
@REEFAHFORFIFA they have way more, the rest are just busy assaulting another black man
REEFAHFORFIFA 21 dag siden
@quinn I have also found 3 Chelsea fans wow. Chelsea have 3 fans
Mr. CheeseGrater
Mr. CheeseGrater 21 dag siden
@quinn 3 me
Blue Enigma
Blue Enigma 21 dag siden
@Stay Calm Shut up
Mo Nasereldin
Mo Nasereldin 22 dager siden
fogo 22 dager siden
Steven 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Cdxst 22 dager siden
So Selena is gonna be there too😳
M H 21 dag siden
Yes she will
Robert593 22 dager siden
Big up Ste on bt
Brandon Dube
Brandon Dube 22 dager siden
Man said champions league legends😭😭😭
Wisdom Argentina
Wisdom Argentina 7 dager siden
1-0 Havertz🔵
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 20 dager siden
GroundsBlvd 22 dager siden
STEVEN!! 💙💙💙👏🏾👏🏾
Cdxst 22 dager siden
European bottlers lmao 😂😂😂
ANDROID KING 22 dager siden
The voice of Marshmello was not expected😂
Haris 8 dager siden
he uses a voice changer sometime
Rathurshan Rajeekaran
Rathurshan Rajeekaran 8 dager siden
haha fr
A 1
A 1 20 dager siden
I mean he just sounds like your average American
Dan Macgillivray
Dan Macgillivray 21 dag siden
I was expecting a tts lmao
Phú Trần
Phú Trần 22 dager siden
President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 22 dager siden
Cdxst 22 dager siden
I hope that he gives a beautiful performance ❤️
Daniel Ramsaroop
Daniel Ramsaroop 22 dager siden
Mello on the beat
BFB-DanceySteve 22 dager siden
Why has he got a waste bin 🗑 on his head?
Tyson 11 dager siden
Sia 22 dager siden
Eey it's Steven and Marshmallow
Pac 22 dager siden
Kinda cringe
jzilla1234 22 dager siden
Chelsea... "Little guy" ?
Zizoua Choukri
Zizoua Choukri 22 dager siden
Viva mahraaaaaaaaaz 🇩🇿
Adam Llana
Adam Llana 21 dag siden
Ngolo Kante baby
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 22 dager siden
I expected Marshmello to be a *Wolves* fan 😉
M H 21 dag siden
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 21 dag siden
@dogs hate me Kdb in rb position? Wow 👀👀 Btw bench dias and Mahrez, play sterling, i'll transfer 50 million to ur back account👍
dogs hate me
dogs hate me 21 dag siden
@Christiano Pulinaldo I play ederson up front with foden and ferna as our Center backs..... 3-2-2-2-1 .... kdb as our right back ... sorry but can't reveal more 😪
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 21 dag siden
@dogs hate me Yo pep Can u secrelty tell me ur tactics? 👀👀👀👀
dogs hate me
dogs hate me 21 dag siden
Hi pulisic, please don't start tonight
jzilla1234 22 dager siden
Anyone get the Neil Ruddock ad? Holy smokes he's let himself go
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed 22 dager siden
*Marshmello is a WEIRDO*
Mo PeSGaming
Mo PeSGaming 22 dager siden
Marshmello 🔥🔥
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 22 dager siden
Chelsea have the best celebrity fans Marshmellow > Oasis
franklingoodwin 20 dager siden
Marshmello* and he's cringe AF like most Chelsea fans 😄
Relax Center 16
Relax Center 16 21 dag siden
@Christiano Pulinaldo hahaha pulisic will be bullied by Ruben Dias
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 21 dag siden
@Nazh159 noo
Nazh159 21 dag siden
Oasis>marshmello anyday
Phil Foden
Phil Foden 22 dager siden
@Christiano Pulinaldo yea ik. But he is American.
john craig
john craig 22 dager siden
2:06 yeah the 50 of them
PEP Guardiola
PEP Guardiola 21 dag siden
@Marcus Sky Ah yes the club that had the highest attendance until recently I'd rhe club that has the bandwagon. This happened way before 2008. Also if bandawagons aren't considered fans then clubs like united will have significantly less fans. "🥴"
Marcus Sky
Marcus Sky 21 dag siden
@PEP Guardiola bandwagons are not considered as fans🥴
PEP Guardiola
PEP Guardiola 22 dager siden
@Christiano Pulinaldo Ah yes, that's why we have sold more tickets than chelsea in the UCL final and have the second highest attendance.
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo 22 dager siden
More like 20
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 22 dager siden
Felix McWilliam
Felix McWilliam 22 dager siden
Mo PeSGaming
Mo PeSGaming 22 dager siden
Good luck man city Let’s go boys and win this champion league
Sushan Roy Pinto
Sushan Roy Pinto 22 dager siden
Yes soccer with concerts
ApexHeat 22 dager siden
Yessir, marshmello knows whats good. City will surely have a game on thier hands. And Kante will be pocketing more rubbish on that night. 😉
Callum LFC Waugh
Callum LFC Waugh 22 dager siden
I thought he was an old man for some reason
Trystan Grant
Trystan Grant 22 dager siden
Rocket leauge gamer
Rocket leauge gamer 22 dager siden
RetroUnlim 22 dager siden
Rodney Marshmellow
Rodri 22 dager siden
Didn't expect this
Magical Football
Magical Football 22 dager siden
0:37 😂
H 22 dager siden
He jinxed us its over...
ISuckAtEverything 18 dager siden
Well we won
Akuba 21 dag siden
@Phil Foden f off Phil
Phil Foden
Phil Foden 22 dager siden
the Marshmallow Curse
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory 22 dager siden
Marshmello 🔥🔥🔥
5C(15) 梁睿行 Leung Yui Hang
5C(15) 梁睿行 Leung Yui Hang 22 dager siden
24 7
24 7 22 dager siden
Marshmellow came back stoned from seeing Sasuke and Sakura in bed...
Szillar 22 dager siden
Quabena Monster
Quabena Monster 22 dager siden
Magical Football
Magical Football 22 dager siden
Ali Lilo
Ali Lilo 22 dager siden
Jaydan Puriel
Jaydan Puriel 22 dager siden
Mello gang
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