What is the Manchester United way? | Between The Lines with Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford

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10 dager siden

In their episode of Rio Ferdinand's Between The Lines, Red Devils heroes past and present, Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford, discuss exactly what 'the Man Utd way' means.

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Chelsea Chelsea
Chelsea Chelsea Dag siden
Take that hat off Wayne 😂
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 6 dager siden
Literally a recycled clip. I expect better 🤦🏻‍♂️
Steve Port
Steve Port 7 dager siden
The Man Utd way is no longer the Man Utd way of Entertainment. They proved way back then that it is possible to win and entertain at the same time. According to what I’ve heard the Man Utd way is to buy Sancho for over £85 million when they could’ve bought Grealish (a far better player) for around the same price. They are not even in the running for Kane. Man City are in for both of them. So the Man Utd way is no longer the Man Utd way of the past. As for Rashford he wouldn’t get in the top 40 of Man Utd strikers who have graced the hallowed turf with their skills and ability to entertain. I am a supporter of Man Utd since 1958. From what I’m watching and seeing from Man Utd lately I’m sure the Great Sir Matt will be turning in his grave. And that makes me so sad.
Michael H
Michael H 7 dager siden
Rashford is overrated 💩
First Name
First Name 7 dager siden
Wayne Rooney's greatest achievement was rescuing Princess Fiona from Lord Farquaad
Michael H
Michael H 7 dager siden
gingermarshy007 7 dager siden
So many bitter scroats in these comments 😂
Rondo Criz
Rondo Criz 8 dager siden
Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney plz return again and play again for MUFC
Rondo Criz
Rondo Criz 8 dager siden
@Louis van Moyes manager can return but why player cannot return?
Louis van Moyes
Louis van Moyes 8 dager siden
Wayne Rooney was so done in his last few years at United.
yolo 1690
yolo 1690 8 dager siden
Rashford couldn't lace Rooney's boots ffs different quality all together
Stephen best
Stephen best 8 dager siden
"the united way" is to overpay players who then do not perform; they piss about on their knees - glazers out, not a penny more
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 9 dager siden
Ferdinando calling Ashley Cole a choc ice in the John Terry issue 🙄
Mcr Mcr
Mcr Mcr 4 dager siden
Your not allowed to say that if your white
Paul __
Paul __ 9 dager siden
Rashford the POLITICIAN
Haj To
Haj To 9 dager siden
Wazza the GOAT 🐐
narcassistic necessity
narcassistic necessity 9 dager siden
It all changed when Rooney left
Harry Woodrow
Harry Woodrow 9 dager siden
The UnItEd WaY stfu
PFx 9 dager siden
Hello welcome to BT united, this is where old timers nag the modern soft squad.
sipho banda
sipho banda 9 dager siden
The United way is now about share prices , dividends and social interactions.... How the mighty have fallen ......💔💔💔
Gazza Eire
Gazza Eire 9 dager siden
Bottling trophies
Gazza Eire
Gazza Eire 9 dager siden
@stevo Carolan 😂😂😂😂😂 “biggest”, okay???
stevo Carolan
stevo Carolan 9 dager siden
Biggest club in England
gavin horton
gavin horton 9 dager siden
It's my birthday today
Dat Sick Swag
Dat Sick Swag 9 dager siden
Ones a pure goal scoring machine the others a right analogue stick with a faulty O button
BeCo B
BeCo B 9 dager siden
bro how Ronny is 36?? he looks 50
shark in de park
shark in de park 9 dager siden
Miss having a player like Rooney 👍🏽
Colin RylanderWilkes
Colin RylanderWilkes 9 dager siden
There was a thing that was said years ago, that when Sir Alex first took over he asked the fans what they wanted from the team? The response was, Fast Entertaining Attacking football, no one minded if we won 6-0 one day, then lost by the same margin the next week, as long as the team left it all on the pitch, gave their all and respected the club, fans and shirt. That was the UTD way. these days there is too much backwards and sideways and strolling around the pitch like the result is just going to come. The Crazy thing is with a bit more passion, fight, determination and belief, (plus actually turn up) the league and Europa were there for the taking. 2nd is nothing. it wasn't back in 92, and no one went ahhh we've done well...... and look what happened afterwards.
rehzin x
rehzin x 9 dager siden
Well said
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald 9 dager siden
We could of easily bought Sancho last season, possibly had a better run instead glazers took the transfer fee out of the club as dividends and sancho transfer was deemed too much! Hate them! Turning a great club with the greatest of history’s into mediocre !
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald 9 dager siden
@Saranya Rathanon well that’s worse, not even bidding and stealing 100 million while the keep the club in debt! Makes me sick!
Saranya Rathanon
Saranya Rathanon 9 dager siden
Borussia Dortmund CEO claims Man Utd offer for Jadon Sancho 'never existed'
Mikey Modelle
Mikey Modelle 9 dager siden
I'm like Marcus like Rashford like
Joshua Neville (Klueless Kenny)
Joshua Neville (Klueless Kenny) 9 dager siden
‘I think erm’ legend
MikeyLFC4LIFE 9 dager siden
So most not all Man u fan's always say they hate Liverpool because they scousers yet they had a scouse in your team the logic maybe stop being hipacrits🤔😂🤣👌
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 9 dager siden
I don't hate Liverpool,Manchester United and Liverpool have illustrious histories,something we all can be so proud of.
Saranya Rathanon
Saranya Rathanon 9 dager siden
Supporters say that not the players We hate the cockneys etc but london players take the money even the dumb southerners sing it lol
Viking Frog
Viking Frog 9 dager siden
That's easy to answer, to lose.
tibaijuka shafiq
tibaijuka shafiq 9 dager siden
Wine roney I love 💕 u
Deep End
Deep End 9 dager siden
An entire generation of talent in one room 🔥👌
DanY* 9 dager siden
Huge hopes for Marcus! Still has so much room for improvement tho. Has to work on decision making
gingermarshy007 7 dager siden
T-H-E-O ✔
T-H-E-O ✔ 9 dager siden
Charlie Brooke
Charlie Brooke 9 dager siden
The man United way is to cheat and dive embarrassingly
Joker 9 dager siden
The loss of not only Fergie but David Gill is still hurting United to this day. They don't seem to know how to scout or buy well anymore
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 9 dager siden
And the owners couldn't give two hoots.
Arjun Shetty
Arjun Shetty 9 dager siden
3 douchebags in one frame
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs 9 dager siden
The Manchester United way is belonging in the Europa League and playing second fiddle to both City and Liverpool❤️❤️
stevo Carolan
stevo Carolan 9 dager siden
Nah we dont try buy the league and that greasy money city got and still couldn't win a champions league trophie and liverpool what they done in the season apart from making excuses up oh yh we still the biggest club in England when city can win a treble let me know
Nadine Pierre
Nadine Pierre 9 dager siden
Rooney has gotten better looking with age
The Campbell Lyfe
The Campbell Lyfe 9 dager siden
United now is a shadow of its former self , Pr FC
Garrus 9 dager siden
The United way was winning everything. Now it’s about reaching top 4 and feeding the Glazers more and more money.
Rocky Rampersad
Rocky Rampersad 9 dager siden
An buying players on the last day. Like overpriced fridges.
Israel Okunowo
Israel Okunowo 9 dager siden
God I miss Rooney so much what a legend 💪🏿❤️💯💯
Account User
Account User 9 dager siden
@Sikander Baluch Yep. Because he and Ronaldo played together for 5 years, were as good as each other until 2007 and are the same age, people subconsciously expected that Rooney to score 40-50 goals a season like CR7.
Sikander Baluch
Sikander Baluch 9 dager siden
R U 10 dager siden
Then came Good Ebening
archiewall16 10 dager siden
The Man Utd way? Taking over a year to complete a transfer.
Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell 10 dager siden
Hoof it up field.
Kyle Bradley / dUCkslF gaming
Kyle Bradley / dUCkslF gaming 10 dager siden
Wayne looks like hes hit the sunbeds hard
efc 9 dager siden
No that's rashford lol
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert 10 dager siden
United way was to win Trophies.what we are as a club right now is the most distant we ever been to what sir matt and sir alex envisioned this club to be.
Oliver Morrison
Oliver Morrison 8 dager siden
Not true, one of the core aspects on man utd from Busby to Fergie was to use home grown talent. Ole has carried that on in this current team.
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers 9 dager siden
Any top club was to win trophies. What is this logic?
Adam beanie smith
Adam beanie smith 10 dager siden
lol rashford couldn’t lace Rooneys boots
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 9 dager siden
Rashford the glory seeker not a zunited player or team player sell him off
Robben The goat
Robben The goat 9 dager siden
@John Fletcher rashford plays more like Ronaldo then Rooney and the team is a lot worse now I know Ronaldo is bet the r aswell
Robben The goat
Robben The goat 9 dager siden
@F S it’s just a shame that he is a lm
F S 9 dager siden
The English media makes it seem like Trashford is in the top 5 ST's in the league, where he isn't even top 10.
Mikey Modelle
Mikey Modelle 9 dager siden
Rashford is a talented footballer but not so special, Rooney 10 times the player that Rashford ever will be, Rooney just had it.
David Coulthard F1 ITV
David Coulthard F1 ITV 10 dager siden
Rashford Top Dog As A Superstar
David Coulthard F1 ITV
David Coulthard F1 ITV 10 dager siden
Rooney Rooney Rooney Legend
lord Jones
lord Jones 10 dager siden
Trophies are for egos
sipho banda
sipho banda 9 dager siden
Our manager is an embarrassment
Fermín 9 dager siden
hahahaha ole died for me when he said that phrase
Hallandspartans 10 dager siden
‘Trophies are for egos’-OGS
Fermín 9 dager siden
hahaha that's why we will never get out of the well we are in, we must prepare mentally for when chelsea surpasses us in international titles and liverpool in national titles
tukpe emmanuel
tukpe emmanuel 10 dager siden
That's not what he meant, people who write this did not listen to the actual press conference to hear the story, they just quote him out of context
Stevie paydar
Stevie paydar 10 dager siden
History FC LOL
stevo Carolan
stevo Carolan 9 dager siden
Liverpool fans cant talk and city just buy the league
Hisham Ahmed
Hisham Ahmed 10 dager siden
Liverpool fans have been talking about history that they don’t have
FinPL4YZ 10 dager siden
WahWahWehWah 10 dager siden
The United way is taking nearly 3 years to get one deal over the line!
Tome Petrovic
Tome Petrovic 9 dager siden
🤣🤣 glazers way
The Fearless Number 8
The Fearless Number 8 10 dager siden
Plan A win, Plan B don't lose. Plane C Fergie time.
Fake News Sucks 2
Fake News Sucks 2 10 dager siden
not rashford again after that final miss
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks 10 dager siden
Wayne Pooney and Marcus Rashfraud.
Matt Rampley
Matt Rampley 9 dager siden
Wayne Pooney tho. That was funny when Jay said it on the inbetweeners 10 years ago
rayyanimnot akapdi
rayyanimnot akapdi 9 dager siden
Shut up
Noddy 10 dager siden
The losing way of late.
gaming king arliejo ☑️
gaming king arliejo ☑️ 10 dager siden
Brasile 10 dager siden
Brazil is the Greatest national team of all time
mediacenter man
mediacenter man 9 dager siden
They also suffered by biggest defeat by a host nation in the history of football.
rayyanimnot akapdi
rayyanimnot akapdi 9 dager siden
Hmmm ok
vindula kroos
vindula kroos 10 dager siden
huge man utd fan from sri lanka and for me after toni kroos my favourite player is rooney
A M 10 dager siden
Wayne Rooney the greatest English and Manchester United player ❤️❤️❤️
Stephen best
Stephen best 8 dager siden
Nah. Duncan Edwards and Denis Law
jimmy anderson
jimmy anderson 9 dager siden
Yeah he doesn't gets the respect he deserves
HorrorGaming 15
HorrorGaming 15 10 dager siden
George best > Rooney
Aryan. 10 dager siden
@Mr. Rodriguez prime Rooney was as good as Ronaldo.
Mr. Rodriguez
Mr. Rodriguez 10 dager siden
John Jacobs
John Jacobs 10 dager siden
All the hype and they couldn’t beat Villarreal🤣🤣
razza razza
razza razza 10 dager siden
@Mohammed RZM Miah arsenal is the odd one as arsenal could start a league on their own and still not finish top
Mohammed RZM Miah
Mohammed RZM Miah 10 dager siden
@A M He Lost To Chelsea When He Was Managing Arsenal 2019
A M 10 dager siden
Cos Unai Emery never loses Europa league finals. Good ebening
adskully 10 dager siden
Rio sucking on his choc ice
Saranya Rathanon
Saranya Rathanon 9 dager siden
Exactly called Ashley Cole a choc ice then complains about England fans needing educating ?????????????? wife cheater as well but hey its ok
McMillan M Musorodzata
McMillan M Musorodzata 10 dager siden
CurlyHeadKen 10 dager siden
“I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ” 🥶🥶...
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